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Single Nano Mag Magnetic Heater Mount - Zen Reef (DISCONTINUED)

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    Holds Heaters up to 1" Diameter!

    Are you tired of your heater's suction cups always falling off and never working for more than a few hours? Zen Reef's Magnetic Heater Holders are the perfect solution. Your heaters can slide into the circular cutouts that feature Zen Reef's Gridlox system to securely hold your heater but allow for easy removal and maintenance when necessary. The magnetic coupling system uses N52 grade neodymium magnets that are completely sealed on the wet & dry side, keeping the system 100% reef safe! 

    • Uses Gridlox to snugly hold any heater up to 1" in diameter
    • Sealed N52 Neodymium magnets for a super strong hold
    • Use in a sump or display tank
    • Never rely on a suction cup again
    • Wet and dry side magnets are 100% reef safe
    • Dual Heater holder for redundancy 


    Heaters will usually come with cheap suction cups that never hold longer than a few weeks at best. After the suction cup fails, the heater can move freely and possibly rest against some equipment causing it to overheat or even worse float out of the water and burn itself up. Zen Reef's Magnetic Heater Mounts ensure that can never happen and the acrylic rings that hold the heaters ensure that no equipment with a flat side can be pushed up against the hot heater. The other huge benefit is that the mount will properly space the heater away from the tank walls or baffles, allowing for circulation around the entire body of the heaters. 



    Dimensions - 5.25" x 3.75" x 2"

    Max Heater Diameter - 1"

    Max Wall Thickness - 1/2"


    What's Included?

    1x Single Nano Mag Magnetic Heater Mount

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