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Randy's 4ft. SPS Lighting Bundle - Bulk Reef Supply

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2 x A360X Controllable LED Aquarium Light - Tuna Blue - Kessil   + $0.00
1 x 48" X Series Dual Strip LED Hybrid Kit - Reef Brite   + $0.00

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Earn 1,688 Reward Points

    Getting great results from your reef lighting doesn’t have to be complicated, and one of the easiest ways to achieve success is working with tried and true choices like Randy’s SPS Lighting Bundle for 4ft tanks. Randy is definitely a stick-head, so his lighting choices are geared towards an SPS-dominated light setup, achieving PAR readings around 200-350 through a majority of the tank. 


    For mid-sized tanks, hybrid lights have quickly taken over as the go-to lighting solution for nearly any reef setup. This isn’t hard to understand, since the combination of a widely dispersed light source like the Reef Brite strips creates even coverage and while the focused intensity and dynamic lighting effects of a pendant LED perfectly add the perfect compliment. The combined result is even intensity with minimal hotspots, along with aesthetically pleasing light effects and nearly endless options for customized lighting effects.



    • Complete high-quality lighting solution; includes 2x Kessil A360X Tuna Blue & Reef Brite Dual LED Strip Hybrid
    • Reduced Shadowing & Hot Spots
    • Even Coverage
    • Easy Installation
    • Solid Construction


    Kessil A360X Tuna Blue

    We have found the Kessil LEDs to be a natural pairing for hybrid lighting systems. Kessil A360X LED lights cover more of your tank while blending better than almost any other LED available. Using Kessil Logic, tuning the light for optimal coral growth and coloration is easy since the A360X will automatically adjust to a balanced spectrum for the light color that you want to see. Kessil A360 lights have always been known for their outstanding shimmer effect while maintaining uniform color mixing throughout the aquarium. We have used all types of Kessil LED lights over the years and have been very impressed with their quality, control, and lighting output. 


    Reef Brite 48” X Series Dual Strip LED Hybrid Kit

    Reef Brite’s X Series LED Add-On Kits maximize the results from your LED fixture, with more even coverage and enhanced coloration. The X Series add-ons are designed to easily mount your favorite LED lights, such as Ecotech Radion®, Kessil, and Aqua Illumination®, and surround your primary fixture with a continuous strip of supplementary light along the length of your aquarium. This creates a more even blanket of light over your aquarium and the additional actinic from the Reef Brite XHO strips will bring out incredible colors and fluorescence in your corals.


    What's Included?

    2x A360X Tuna Blue

    1x Power Adapter

    1x AC Adapter Cable

    1x DC Extension Cable

    1x Hanging Ring

    2x Metal Screw Hook

    2x Hanging Bracket

    48" X Series Dual Strip LED Add-On Kit

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