PAR38 Freshwater LED Light - RapidLED

PAR38 Refugium LED Light - RapidLED
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  • PAR38 Refugium LED Light - RapidLED
  • PAR38 Refugium LED Light - RapidLED

PAR38 Freshwater LED Light - RapidLED

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Quick Overview

PAR38 LED Bulbs are very simple and easy to implement LED lights that will screw into traditional light sockets. RapidLED produces their PAR38 bulbs with the latest Cree XT-E and XP-G LEDs using only 19 watts.


Refugium/Freshwater PAR38 Bulb

  • 2 Royal Blue LED's

  • 4 Neutral White LED's

  • 4 Cool White LED's

  • 2 UV LED's

  • Screws directly into standard lamp sockets (E26/E27)

  • Dimmable with Triac

  • Power Consumption - 19w

  • Suggested Spread - 12" x 12" area


Full Details

PAR 38 Owners Manual.pdf


If you have a nano or pico tank with a fairly small footprint the RapidLED PAR38 lights are perfect for your tank. PAR38 lamps can either be the main light source or be an accent to a larger light.

Actinic PAR38 - Great for adding that extra pop to your corals you will not normally see during daylight hours. Spectrum range from 420nm to 480nm

Daylight Reef PAR38 - Awesome daylight LED light for pico reef tanks. Emits a 17,000 K - 20,000 K spectrum which will allow your corals to grow fast and healthy with great coloration.

Freshwater PAR38 - This light is great for freshwater tanks and refugiums.


Note: We highly recommend using these lights in a well-ventilated area for the maximum lifespan.


8 Items

  • Work well for 2 months By Karl on 10/30/2017

    The light work well for two months then start flashing and died
  • Lasted 3 months! By Michael on 6/29/2017

    Light works well at first but started strobbing after three months. Really not good enough for a light at this price point !
  • Work well but not last By Kiki on 3/19/2017

    My second one just died a few days ago. The first one I purchased work very well for 6 months and just died off, I contacted BRS, and they sent me a replacement one, still work very well on growing algae, but just died off a few days ago, and it's also about 6 months lifetime. Giving 2 stars because I'm very please with the growing rate.
  • Macroalgae not growing By Nick on 11/27/2016

    I have two of these over my 20 gallon refugium. Lights are 4 inches above the water line. The light looks good and bright but they do not grow macroalgae.
  • Not recommended By Lyndon on 10/12/2016

    Lasted about six months, then started flashing like a strobe light. So much for long life of led's.
  • Worked great for about 6 months and just died By Ricardo on 8/10/2016

    Worked great for about 6 months and just died
  • Not good for refugiums By Brandon on 7/4/2016

    This light gets very hot without a dimmer. It over heated my tank as I do not have a chiller, luckily I DO have an apex which stopped the temp from going beyond reason. If you do buy this light make sure you have a way to cool your tank or a way to dim down the power.
  • . By Vish on 4/24/2016

    As a big fan of rapid led. I decided to buy this Par38 for a frag tank. set it up on a 20 long tank.. It's 6 inchs of the water.. A friend as me to keep a brown out sps for him. It's been a month now and the coral has almost color up.. Would definitely buy again


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Product Questions

will this work for a algae turf scrubber
Question by: Jared Gray on Jun 5, 2016 2:51:00 AM
Great question!
This certainly could work depending on set up, It does have proper spectrum for some good algae.
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Jun 9, 2016 2:58:00 PM
Does the goose neck come with this? or do i have to buy it separately, and if so what model?
Question by: Jonluca Biagini on Jun 10, 2016 3:21:00 PM
Great question!
This will not include any gooseneck. This will screw into any light socket unfortunately we do not currently have options available. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions!
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Jun 14, 2016 3:45:00 PM