Oolite Ocean Direct Live Reef Sand

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Quick Overview

Oolite Ocean Direct Live Reef Sand uses "Sea Breathe" technology to preserve the live sand in its own original ocean bacteria.

  • Contains live ocean bacteria resulting in a fast cycle

  • Grain size: 0.25-1.5mm

  • High Surface Area for Bacteria


BRS suggests 1 pound of sand per 2 gallons of display tank volume on average

  • Quick Overview

Oolite Ocean Direct Live Reef Sand uses "Sea Breathe" technology to preserve the live sand in its own original ocean bacteria.

  • Contains live ocean bacteria resulting in a fast cycle
  • Grain size: 0.25-1.5mm
  • High Surface Area for Bacteria


BRS suggests 1 pound of sand per 2 gallons of display tank volume on average

Oolite Ocean Direct Live Reef Sand

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20 lb. Oolite Ocean Direct Live Reef Sand
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Full Details

Caribsea's Ocean Direct Caribbean Live Sand is a great choice for aquarists who are wanting a reef tank set up in minutes.


Available in various shades and sizes:


  • Original Grade - 0.25-6.5mm
  • Oolite - 0.25-1mm


How much sand do I need?

Below is a table of common tank sizes and how many pounds of Oolite Sand is required to achieve a certain depth. Results may vary depending on the aquascaping in your tank, overflow styles, and the specific tank manufacturer. We always recommend getting a little extra sand to make sure you have enough on hand when you are filling your tank. 


Gallons Dimension 1" Depth 2" Depth 3" Depth
10 Gallon 20x10x12 11.9 lbs 23.8 lbs 35.7 lbs
20 Gallon 24x12x16 17.1 lbs 34.3 lbs 51.4 lbs
29 Gallon 30x12x18 21.4 lbs 42.9 lbs 64.3 lbs
30 Gallon 36x13x16 27.9 lbs 55.7 lbs 83.6 lbs
40 Gallon 36x18x16 38.6 lbs 77.1 lbs 115.7 lbs
55 Gallon 48x13x20 36.4 lbs 72.7 lbs 109.1 lbs
75 Gallon 48x18x21 50.4 lbs 100.7 lbs 151.1 lbs
90 Gallon 48x18x24 50.4 lbs 100.7 lbs 151.1 lbs
120 Gallon 48x24x24 67.1 lbs 134.3 lbs 201.4 lbs
180 Gallon 72x24x24 102.9 lbs 205.7 lbs 308.6 lbs
220 Gallon 72x24x30 102.9 lbs 205.7 lbs 308.6 lbs
300 Gallon 72x36x27 154.3 lbs 308.6 lbs 462.9 lbs


Sand Type Grain Sizes (mm) Average Density
Fiji Pink 0.5 - 1.5 90lbs per cubic foot
Special Grade 1.0 - 2.0 85lbs per cubic foot
Bahamas Oolite 0.25 - 1.0 96lbs per cubic foot
Indo-Pacific Black 0.25 - 5.0 90lbs per cubic foot
West Caribbean Reef 1.0 - 5.0 90lbs per cubic foot
Hawaiian Black 0.25 - 3.5 80lbs per cubic foot
Bimini Pink 0.5 - 5.0 90lbs per cubic foot
Natural Reef 3.0 - 5.5 85lbs per cubic foot
Florida Crushed Coral 3.0 - 5.5 72lbs per cubic foot


8 Items

  • Great BioFilter Substrate By Jeff C on 2/16/2017

    Only disappointing thing is the Clarifier was busted so, the cloud I got lasted around 2.5 days! Still not bad and looks great in tank! I have a 46g bowfront and have a butt ton of flow and the sand blows pretty fierce but, going to downgrade on flow and should be perfect! Right now running 2 1600gph power heads, like I said a lot of flow and even with that much flow the sand blew around and finally settled! Looks wonderful and did a great job seeding my cooked rock!
  • What a mess By mike on 2/24/2016

    This is the worst product I have every purchased. I buy a lot of things online and have never reviewed anything, but I do not want anyone else to have the same problems I did. I added this to a new 180 gallon I am setting up. Big mistake!!!!! I have spent more in my water bill trying to rinse the junk out of this than I did for the sand. I am sure after all the rinsing that there is not any of the "live sand benefits left" do not pay the money for this live sand, you will be sorry.
  • Live is unfiltered and from the ocean By PHIL's a dumb dumb on 7/19/2015

    Ignore Phill, I purchased this stuff and it is great. Sorry about your wrasses but if you were going to have wrasses you should have known caribsea oolite would have been your best bet. Serious if you have a Nano tank or something you want cycled quick, go with this. It has all the good bacteria you want to make a tank cycle like the piece of art it is!
  • Worst product I've used By Phil on 12/10/2014

    Let's start off by saying I didn't buy this off BRS (this is my "go to" online site) but I am so dissapointed with this buy, I have to write a review. If you don't care about the size of the sand skip this review. As a live sand it is great. Gets the water very cloudy even if your careful but it clears over night.

    I'm giving this a 1 star review because I specifically bought this sand for my wrasses to sleep in. I figured .25 mm to 1.5 mm is pretty fine sand. Man was I wrong. This stuff has tons of broken shells, calcified chunks of sand and rocks. I took all the sand out today and ran it through a strainer. I wish I could post a picture of what's left over. The largest chucks of shells are about 2cm averaging .5cm to 2cm.... 3 of my wrasse have open sores from getting scraped on when burying themselves for the night. I'm highly dissatisfied. I went out and bought regular dry oolite and rinsed it out. World of a difference. Cheaper too. If you care about size and not the bacteria don't buy this product.
  • Really Cloudy By Hasty on 11/13/2014

    I am a newcomer to this hobby. I have a 40 gal reef that I wanted to change the rock in so I bought some pukani, good stuff. I bought a 20 gal tank to cure rock in and decided I would just start a smaller tank so bought 20 lbs of this sand. I had put most of the sand in the tank and then put rock in. I poured my mix onto the rock thus not making too much of a cloud and it dissipated in an hour, alls fine. But on reading the directions on the bag, decided to put the rest of the sand in after taking rocks out. Looked like a sand storm in the tank. 4 hrs later not much better. Do not see how you could add this type of sand into an established tank without suffocating the resident fish and assorted critters. On reading above comments I guess it will be a day or two to clear for me also. Hope sand is as good as it is touted to be. I rely on BRS for quality.
  • Great Stuff By Eric on 12/15/2013

    It was cloudy for a day or two but compared to dry fiji pink it cleared much faster. It is ocean direct for sure. There are bits of sticks and shells all through it. The grain size is great and has stayed put in my 27g cube.
  • Very good stuff. The compliments my deep sand bed very well By David on 11/19/2012

    I bought 320 lbs of this stuff for my 165 gallon tank. I couldn't be happier.
  • Oolite 40lbs sand By X3lalo on 10/11/2012

    Aw man where do I start I bought 3 of of the 40 lbs. bags for a deep sand bed in my 75g and man they cloud ur tank up!!!! Yea the sand is really nice grain sizes but the one problem I see is if you have an oversized return pump it will stir up all the sand. The other issue I had was there is this redidue that will sit on the top of your sand when it settles. But I guess all in all it's some nice substrate. Lol


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