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Large Davey Jones Skimmate Locker

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No more messy skimmer cup overflows, or accidents!

The Davey Jones Skimmate Locker can connect directly to your protein skimmers collection cup drain, and can even shut off your skimmer if the locker ever gets full. Avast Marine easily makes some of the best acrylic products and the Skimmate Locker saves you time and also helps keep the air exiting out of your skimmer nice and fresh.

Three Control Types Available:

  • 110V Control Relay
  • I/O minidin-8
  • Bare Wire/Breakout Box


If you have an automatic neck cleaner on your skimmer or a skimmer that is efficient and produces a lot of skimmate you will benefit from a Davey Jones Skimmate Locker. It is essentially a protein skimmer waste collector that can collect your skimmate, deodorize the air, and also keep your skimmer from overflowing. Just connect your skimmers drain to the barbed fitting on the lid of the locker and plug the power cord into the relay control box and you are done. If you have an aquarium controller like a Reef Keeper or an Apex Controller, don't worry, there are different control types available!

Every Locker comes with a prefilled air filter, that has activated carbon in it. The carbon will help absorb and deodorize the smell that is commonly found with high-quality skimmate. Changing the carbon out only takes a few seconds and we like to use standard bituminous carbon for these applications. 


Safe, Reliable, Control

Unlike other skimmate lockers on the market, there are no ping-pong balls or float switches that are prone to failing regardless of being in a nasty skimmate environment. Avast Marine equips their skimmate lockers with an air pressure sensitive control box. As the fluid level rises in Davey's Locker it will trap air inside of the sensor tube and pressure will increase, activating the control box. The sensor pickup is very easy to clean and has absolutely no moving parts that can fail. 


110V Control Relay (standard) - If you want a simple easy to use system, this is it. Just plug the control relay into your wall outlet or any other 110V socket, and then plug your protein skimmer pump's power cord into the outlet on the front of the relay box and you are done!

I/O minidin-8 - Connects directly to the Neptune Apex Controllers I/O port or Profilux I/O ports. This method of control will turn the control box into a basic switch in the view of your controller. You can set rules and program outlets to react to the state of the Skimmate Locker just like any other open/closed switch, but it does take the place of an entire breakout box and if your Apex is switch heavy, the bare wire method may be best for you.  

Bare Wire/Breakout Box - This control method is ideal for controllers like the Reef Keepers, a breakout box or any other I/O switch sensing device. By connecting the two bare wires to the reference and ground you can then control your skimmers power status through your favorite controller. 



Keeping Davey's Locker clean is very simple, with Avast Marine's design. The barbed fitting has an included union allowing you to disconnect your skimmer from the chamber in seconds and without wiggling or twisting, and the air pressure sensor just simply pulls out of the top completely disconnecting the waste collector from your skimmer and control box. You can then remove the entire chamber for maintenance and cleaning. 



Foot Print - 7" L x 7" W x 18" H

Chamber Diameter - 6"

Drain Fitting Height - 15.5"

Barbed Fitting Size - 1/2"

Capacity - 1.5 gallons

Power Input - 110V (not applicable to minidin-8 or bare wire models)

Relay Box Capacity - 3A (not applicable to minidin-8 or bare wire models)

Switch Rating 10+ mil cycles


What's Included?

1x Large Davey Jones Skimmate Locker

1x Large Davey Jones Skimmate Locker Lid

1x 1/2" Barbed Union Fitting

1x Avast Relay Control Box

1x Prefilled Carbon Filter


110V Set Up Instructions

I/O minidin-8 Set Up Instructions

Bare Wire/Breakout Box Set Up Instructions

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Product Questions

I have an Apex Jr. Will this unit connect to the Apex Jr.?
Question by: Stuart Buell on Nov 17, 2017, 10:37 AM
Hey there,

While the base Apex Jr. won't have a way of connecting on its own, the addition of a breakout box module would allow you to hook up the bare wire configuration DJSL and control the outlet through that connection, or the addition of any module with an I/O port, such as the PM1/PM2 would allow you to use the 8 pin mini din plug style.

Have a great day!
Answer by: Zack on Nov 17, 2017, 10:42 AM