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KH Director pH Electrode - GHL

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    Keep your GHL KH Director working in top condition and replace your pH probe regularly with the GHL factory probe.


    GHL pH electrodes are made of the highest laboratory grade. They are durable, low maintenance, and matched to the highest German quality standards. GHL's KHD pH probe features a shortened 1ft cable to avoid messy cord arrangements, and is specially made for use in the aquarium hobbyAll sensors are galvanically isolated and can therefore easily be used in parallel in any combination.


    Whats Included?

    1x Lab Grade pH probe w/ 1' cord

    (KHD pH electrodes are equipped with a gel electrolyte and a ceramic diaphragm, 1ft cable, and BNC-plug)


    Note: We suggest calibrating probes every 30-60 days for reliable and stable readings. Calibration fluid sold separately.

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