Gyre XF330 Pump Only (2350 GPH)

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Requires 300 Series Gyre Controller

All of the Gyre 300 series pumps are compatible with the Maxspect Connect ICV6 control module so you can wirelessly control your pumps using the free Syna-G app from Maxspect. Any combination of pumps can be connected and controlled which means you can now operate a Gyre XF330 and an XF350 using the same control module all with a single power supply. This helps you to tailor the flow inside your aquarium perfectly to suit the needs of your corals without a ton of wires and bulky power supplies under your tank. 


The pump that revolutionized water flow for aquariums has been optimized in design, performance, and control. The 3rd Generation aptly named the Gyre 300 series incorporates all of the amazing features of the original Gyre pumps and improved them to make the best GYRE flow pump yet.

  • Unique Flow Virtually Eliminates Dead Spots
  • Evenly Distributed Linear Flow
  • Discrete Design
  • Twin Directional Flow Cages
  • Clip on Flow Directors
  • Waterproof Silent Suspension Magnet Mount
  • Advanced Controller with Mount


Intuitive Design

The engineers at Maxspect completely redesigned the pump with less parts and a more intuitive assembly for easier maintenance of the rotors. Gyre 300 series pumps include an extra set of bushings to help reduce downtime while cleaning and keep your pump operating at full capacity. The new design has simplified this process of rotor replacement making it easier than ever to keep your pump pushing water at full throttle.


Superior Performance

The most noticeable upgrade on the new Gyre 300 pumps is the detachable flow directors which are a welcome addition and allows you to place your pumps even closer to the surface of your aquarium without the worry of pulling a noisy vortex of air and improving surface agitation for maximum gas exchange. You can maneuver each director to point the Gyre flow of water where you need it. Best of all, the maneuverable caps block light from reaching the pump components and will reduce the rate at which algae will accumulate for longer operation in-between maintenance.



Max-Flow - 2350 GPH

Max Glass Thickness - 1/2"

Max Power Consumption - 35 watts @ 24VDC

Pump to Controller Cable - 10ft

Recommended for 25 up to 100+ gallon aquariums.


What's Included?

1x XF330 Pump

1x Spare Bushings

1x Flow Directors & Protective Mesh Covers

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SKU 212169
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UPC 6971764810089
Variable Speed Yes
Control Type Digital DC Control (with optional controller)
Included Mounting Magnetic
Power Type DC
Power Consumption 35W
Power Cord Length 10 Feet
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Product Questions

With the XF300 series pumps, do I need the 300 series controller AND the ICV6 controller for wifi control, or does the ICV6 do the job in place of the 300 controller?
Question by: jason damron on Feb 5, 2020, 8:15 AM
Hey there,

You will need to have both hooked up, the ICV6 just lets you wirelessly control it.
Answer by: Thomas Billington on Feb 5, 2020, 10:21 AM
Is it possible to connect a 330 maxspect gyre to a 230 controller and run them both off 1 power supply
Question by: siknd on Mar 22, 2019, 4:17 PM
Hi there! It is not possible to run the Gyre 300 series pumps off of the Gyre 200 series controllers, unfortunately, While multiple pumps can be run off the same power supply within the same series, you can not use 200 power supplies with the 300 pumps and vise versa. Hope this helps!
Answer by: Joe on Apr 2, 2019, 12:21 PM