Ethereal 130w LED & ICV6 Controller Package - Maxspect

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Ethereal 130w LED & ICV6 Controller Package - Maxspect

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Quick Overview

Recommended Spread - 24" x 24"

An easy to mount, full spectrum LED module that lets you wirelessly control multiple Ethereal modules from your phone or PC.

  • Smart cooling technology

  • WiFi connectivity

  • Full Spectrum

  • Increases growth and enhances coloration

  • Includes mounting system

  • 100-degree lens with reflective cups

  • Cree XT-E and XP-E LEDs


Full Details

The Ethereal LED system works with all shapes and sizes of tanks and with its wireless expansion capability and can be entirely controlled through your PC, iOS, or Android based device. The ICV6 controller creates a wireless system that lets you connect up to 200 individual units allowing for complete weather control, full spectrum photoperiods, and future accessories. Once you buy one Ethereal LED and ISV6 Controller package you only need to purchase additional single Ethereal LED modules saving you money.


The temperature controlled crossflow cooling technology keeps the LEDs running at their optimal performance and efficiency while increasing their lifespan. The cooling system pulls cold air into the Ethereal light from both the top and bottom and then forces it through the channeled cooling fins and then vented out the sides of the fixture.


Unmatched controllability is brought to the Ethereal by the ICV6 Controller letting it wirelessly connect up to 200 Ethereal LED lights while giving you the capability of programming daily light periods and weather effects. All you need for full control is a PC, iOS, or Android WiFi based device. The Maxspect Ethereal LED lights require the ICV6 for full monitoring and programming. The ICV6 can operate the Ethereal LED light in manual mode without any WiFi connected device, but for full programming, it must be connected to a wireless device.


With 130 watts of LEDs available to the 5 individual color channels allow for a full-spectrum light that is fully programmable through the ICV6 controller. The Ethereal LED employs Cree XT-E & XP-E diodes for their color output and efficiency. Color blending from the Maxspect LED has been enhanced with the 100-degree lens configuration and the reflective cups that significantly increase the overall light penetration into your tank letting you grow those high light corals deeper than ever before.

  • Channel A - Cool White
  • Channel B - White
  • Channel C - Blue
  • Channel D - Royal Blue
  • Channel E - Super Blue


The modular mounting system for the Maxspect Ethereal work with rimmed or rimless tanks and will clamp onto rims up to 1" thick. The variable distance of the mount lets you customize the distance from the back of your tank, correctly centering it over your aquascape. Maxspect was intelligent enough to make the height of the module increase as the light is extended over your aquarium, allowing for perfect coverage on every tank.

Note: The fixture must have 6" of space above the light for proper cooling and circulation.


Lighting Coverage:

  • Max Spread - 30" x 30"
  • Recommended Spread - 24" x 24"



  • Fixture Dimensions - 9.5" L x 11.8" W x 1.3" H
  • Max Tank Thickness - 1"
  • Total Power - 130W
  • Power Supply - Meanwell NES-200-36
  • Input Voltage - 4.5A/115VAC
  • Output Voltage - 36V 5.9A



5 Items

  • Great light By Danny on 8/25/2017

    I really like these lights. I have two of them on my 90 gallon and they provide great coverage. I have sps (including Acropora), lps, and softies and all have been thriving since I switched to these lights. They have plenty of power for SPS without a doubt. I had one issue with connecting to them on my home network at first but it turned out the the problem was due to UPnP not being enabled on my router, which it typically is by default. They look great, are quiet, were easy to mount, and the app for controlling them works well. These are no doubtl A++ lights.
  • powerful light, dangerous spectrum, poor software. By shao on 4/6/2017

    Overall, it's a good light.


    * very solid build quality
    * sturdy mounting arm
    * tons of light


    * Poor software. It's android app is inconsistent at best, have problem connecting to the controller from time to time (network timeout). The UX is bad. I never use the controller of other high end LED like Radion or Kessil, so I can't compare. But for a almost $500 LED, I expect more in its software.
    1. You can't add a time point in the middle of the photo period. When add a time point, it's always at the end of your time schedule, which means when I want to add two points in the middle to get to higher power for couple hours, I have to shift all the time point after back. This UX is just bad.
    2. Your light schedules is stored in your phone, not the light controller. The controller only has the current schedule, and there is no way to read that out from your phone.
    3. If you change your light schedule without picking a saved schedule and start from there, you won't be able to save it after...
    4. No moon light period for its ambient/moon light. I mean, how hard is it to add that really?
    5. The app is not updated much either. Have it since last Nov, only have the app updated once. So there is basically no hope of big update to fix these problems.

    * The mounting arm is not adjustable enough. My tank is 18" wide. To put the light in the middle of the width, I have to put the arm to the lowest, because it's adjustable length 45 degree arm. And at that high, it is not able to cover to the edge of my 30" long tank. It would totally have enough power to cover to the edge if I am able to rise it without putting it on top of the tank's front panel.

    * Dangerous spectrum. If you look at its spectrum, the E channel (UV + actinic) have the same peak power as D (460nm). If you look at spectrum of other high end led or T5 setup, the UV and actinic is usually half or one third than blue at peak power, for a reason, as it's usually too powerful than would burn corals. For real number, when channel D goes from 90% to 100%, the top of rock right below the light increase by about 30 PAR. Same location, when channel E goes from 90% to 100%, it increase by about 80 PAR! I found that because I was lazy and didn't measure for PAR every time. And that one time when I casually add 10% to channel E when adjusting color, and it burn all corals that's on the top of the rock work in couple days. Now I always take out the PAR meter whenever I change anything of it, and the corals are doing amazing. But the price to learn to use it is a bit too much. :(

    in conclusion, it's a powerful led. But it's hard to use correctly.
  • Geat Lights! By Jonathon on 12/28/2016

    I bought these after running Vegas on my 75 reef for a few months on my tank hoping to get higher spectrums and move away from the dreaded "disco effect". Very easy to install and look really nice. Before I bought these I was going to have to buy moon lights and install but with the light in the center of these there is no need to add extra moon lights. Very impressed with the coral growth so far after a month of use. The app was a little finicky at first but once you get it installed and running it works great. The only thing that I would like to see in the future is the capability for these lights to have a hinge on them to tilt up for those times when you have to scrape the back glass of the tank. Great job Maxspect!!
  • Love it By Kyle on 12/8/2016

    Now this is my very first led so I don't have much to compare it to but from what I can see the light is super bright and a awesome design. When I went to set it up on my phone at first I had a little trouble connecting but I read on a r2r that you have to have you location on to connect and once I turned that on it connected no problem. But let's see how it performs over time.
  • Initial thoughts By Colin on 11/27/2016

    I ordered this light as soon as it came available on BRS and am switching from another LED which is the "Reef Breeders" 48" photon V1 series. I'm lighting a 75 gallon reef with mostly LPS and SPS and was just looking for a new light with better spectrum coverage and a lower profile above my tank. These lights are very thin and very good looking, the build quality seems to be on par for the money as they are expensive yet more reasonable than many other competitive options. I like the ability to change the center color as accent lighting and mostly just a cool feature. The color the light gives off I believe should do well although it has not been long enough above my tank to get real results, at least it appears to be good coloring. I like the controllability of these lights although I believe the app is needing some help as I have had some difficulty connecting to it with my Galaxy S7 phone but connected with my Galaxy tablet and the app drains the battery at a hard to believe rate. So far my biggest concern with these lights is that one seems to be just slightly off in spectrum from the other one no matter how much I toy with the settings I can't get them to look the exact same so I believe my next step will be contacting BRS for a possible replacement. So far I have liked these lights and am excited to see how the corals react. Hopefully this review was not too long and boring but as the first review it's good to know the real information. Happy reefing!


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