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EasySPS EVO Coral Food (250ml)

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A rEVOlution in SPS Coral Feeding

  • Natural Blend of Marine Plankton
  • 0.2 - 400 Micron Particle Size for Feeding SPS Corals
  • High Nutritional Value


easysps EVO is a premium mixture of natural marine plankton in a mineral suspension that has been specifically designed to be used with a dosing pump to ensure accurate and regular nutrition of SPS corals. While corals use light for a majority of their energy production, they do also rely on particulate foods to support their diet. The small particles can be easily consumed and corals will have an even easier time digesting the food and converting it into energy. 

The end result is:

1) Increased Coral Growth

2) Coral Color Improvement

3) Lower Nitrates and Phosphates (due to coral metabolization)


Use Recommendations:

Dose easysps EVO using a dosing pump to ensure regular and accurate doses.

Add to a high flow area, preferably, near a circulation pump.

Pay close attention to calcium and alkalinity consumption, as increased coral growth will lead to higher consumption rates.


Initial Dose: 1 ml per day for every 250 L (66 US Gallons) of tank water. Then, increase the dose 25% weekly until you reach the recommended dose.

Daily Recommended Dose: 4 ml per day for every 250 L (66 US Gallons) of tank water.


Note: Due to customs restrictions, we are unable to ship this product to Canada

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