Skimz CR16 Coral Magnetic Frag Rack

CR16 Frag Rack
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Skimz CR16 Coral Magnetic Frag Rack

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Quick Overview

Most coral frag racks are made of standard cheap egg crate and require you to put a round peg in a square hole. No longer will you need to worry about your frags being blown around falling into eachother, rotating, or even being blown completely off the rack. The Skimz CR16 Coral Frag Rack uses special frag plugs (CR20 Frag Plugs) that will securely hold your coral frags in place with plug stems that are designed to fit directly into the clear acrylic frag rack.

  • Dimensions - 9.85" L x 4.15" W

  • Holds 16 CP20 plugs

  • Strong neodymium magnets

  • Made of cast acrylic

  • Comes with 20 free Skimz CP20 plugs


Full Details

Frag racks are usually ugly and stick out like a sore thumb. The Skimz CR16 Coral Frag Rack is made of clear acrylic that looks stylish, keeping eyes on the corals and not the structure holding it. The CR16 doesn't use normal round or square holes to hold the frag plugs and has a proprietary design holds the CP20 plugs securely in place keeping your frags from rotating or being blown off the rack.


The CR16 is made of cast acrylic and uses high-quality neodymium magnets to secure the rack to glass or acrylic up to 1/2" thick (may vary depending on frag load).


The CR20 Frag plugs are made to fit directly with the CR16 Coral Frag Rack or they can easily be trimmed to fit into your aquascape almost anywhere you want them. The clear acrylic frag plugs have numerous little holes in the base allowing glues or epoxy to create a physical bond with. Super glue and acrylic are known for bonding very well and with the added benifit of the holes your frags will not come off over time.


What's Included?

  • CR16 Coral Frag Rack
  • CP20 Frag Plugs (20 pack)


6 Items

  • Breaks Easy By Barrett on 5/24/2017

    I generally don't leave negative reviews but I had to here. The magnet on the back of this, fell and hit my wood floor and broke in half. The plastic covering is about 1/16'' thick and will break super easy. Now it looks cheap and scarred. Buy a higher end rack that has normal size holes for your setup. This requires frag plugs that are unique to this rack. Proprietary frag racks are ridiculous. Shame on me for buying it. Don't shame yourself ;)
  • Drill out with Countersink Bit By tinfoilsoldier on 12/19/2016

    I just bought my second Skimz frag rack, and this one was much easier to set up for use than the first one. I used a 5/8" drill bit to drill out the first rack's holes, but it was nerve-racking that I was going to break the acrylic. This time, I used a 5/8" countersink bit, and it worked perfectly. I did need to drill on both sides, but the chamfer bit made the holes nice and gradually, until I had smooth, properly sized holes I could use with real frag plugs.

    Obviously the plastic plugs get thrown away, but for the price and overall build quality, I will gladly spend 10 minutes finding my drill and bits, clamp it to a scrap piece of 2x4, widen the holes on both sides, and have a nice, strong magnetic rack.
  • Plugs cheap, light and blow out even in low flow area. By Lori on 12/17/2016

    So disappointed. The rack itself is well made but the plugs are terrible. Even placed in a low flow area of the tank half of my frags blew off during the night and disappeared into the rockwork, never to be found. Plus, the holes in the rack are smaller than ceramic plugs so they can't be used either. . . . this is basically useless.
  • Eh By Joshua on 10/13/2016

    The rack itself is made very well the magnets are strong and I've never had an issue even with multiple turbo snails on top of it with the magnets failing or even shifting in any form .
    However like the other three reviewers it only holds the scams Frank plugs which to me feels flimsy they're very thin they're very light they're made of plastic and and they will not survive the UPS automation system when shipping . You get approximately 20 plugs with this rack however only 10 of them will be usable straight out of the package you will have to superglue the other 10 back together because the plug on the bottom of the disk has broken off .
    The rack itself looks amazing and it fits very well along the back glass beside a overflow box this is the lowest amount of flow in my tank the only runs a single Jaebo 15 on a pulsating mode lowest setting 3' tank and even then the Zoas is that I frag today we're bouncing and look like they were going to fall off the rack .

    I will probably not by skimz products again
  • Awesome By GiraffeCat on 12/18/2015

    This is a great product. It has three strong magnets to hold in place, and a great price point. I cur into two pieces - I have a frag rack and a probe holder!!!! Some people are complaining about the plug holes. Well, I guess you could always just drill the holes round and get back to fragging!!!!!!! Seriously, it is a great product.
  • The construction of the rack itself is top notch, but plug holes are made for their proprietary plugs which are thin and cheap. By PerculaP on 11/23/2015

    Overall, the construction of the rack is amazing. Big biggest downside of the rack is the Cross holes which only fir their plugs. This isn't a big deal except for the fact the plugs are light, thin and get blown off the rack in my high flow tank. Acros are fine as they hold weight, but small montis, softies just blow off the rack only to disappear behind the rockwork.

    This however was a simple fix and I drilled all of the holes to standard circles and can fit any plug now. With these modifications, the rack is perfect.


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