Skimz CR16 Coral Magnetic Frag Rack (DISCONTINUED)

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    Frag racks are usually ugly and stick out like a sore thumb. The Skimz CR16 Coral Frag Rack is made of clear acrylic that looks stylish, keeping eyes on the corals and not the structure holding it. The CR16 doesn't use normal round or square holes to hold the frag plugs and has a proprietary design holds the CP20 plugs securely in place keeping your frags from rotating or being blown off the rack.


    The CR16 is made of cast acrylic and uses high-quality neodymium magnets to secure the rack to glass or acrylic up to 1/2" thick (may vary depending on frag load).


    The CR20 Frag plugs are made to fit directly with the CR16 Coral Frag Rack or they can easily be trimmed to fit into your aquascape almost anywhere you want them. The clear acrylic frag plugs have numerous little holes in the base allowing glues or epoxy to create a physical bond with. Super glue and acrylic are known for bonding very well and with the added benifit of the holes your frags will not come off over time.


    What's Included?

    • CR16 Coral Frag Rack
    • CP20 Frag Plugs (20 pack)
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