NYOS Goldpods is a liquid food concentrate that contains an arctic copepod for your fish and invertebrates. The pods are collected from pristine arctic waters via a patent-pending method that drastically reduces nutritional degradation during processing. To further increase nutritional longevity, the pods are coated with an ultra-thin, natural membrane that prevents the release of important nutrients through the life of the product.

Feeding Goldpods is easy, they can be directly released into the water column without any rinsing, defrosting, or refrigeration required. The product can be stored in a cool dark place before and after use.

The concentrated formula can be diluted with aquarium water prior to feeding which helps reduce food waste. Turning off your pumps and powerheads is also recommended to keep the food out of your filtration and inside the tank. For the best results, feed small amounts multiple times per day.

The highly palatable Calanus copepods provide a very natural like food for your tank’s inhabitants. They are especially useful for finicky or hard to feed aquarium fish and are perfectly sized for Dragonettes, Pipefish, Seahorses and the like. The raw material inside of NYOS Goldpods has been used for quite some time in aquaculture, research and ornamental fish breeding.

The liquid state of NYOS Goldpods allows you to also easily target feed your LPS corals and any other suspension type feeders in your tank making NYOS Goldpods a comprehensive nutritional supplement for your mixed reef aquarium.




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