Personally, I have never been a fan of frag plugs and frag discs.

They look great in frag tanks being displayed with other frags, but they've always been eyesores when placed in a reef tank.

As many of my corals were purchased as frags, there are definitely too many frag plugs and frag discs in my aquarium for my liking. One option is to glue the actual coral on to your live rock. However, it is not always an ideal solution as frags sometimes need to be moved around to different locations as they grow.  

Caribsea Rubble Zone is a great option for hobbyists looking for a more natural frag disc. In the jar is a nice assortment of small-to-medium size rocks to attach all your newly purchased or newly fragged corals.

I counted 80 pieces in my 6-pound jar which, very economically, works out to just 21 cents per piece. The size of the rubble pieces are big enough that they will not get knocked around by your snails or hermit crabs. Once coralline algae begins to grow on the rubble, it will blend into your aquarium perfectly!

A good idea is to put all the rubble in your tank or refugium to allow coralline algae to start growing on them. The additional benefit is that the rubble allows you to create an area where your pods can take refuge and reproduce. When you are ready to attach your corals to the rubble pieces, you will already have a frag plug that looks as natural as your live rock.

In addition to being great for attaching frags, these aragonitic rubble are also great for filtration in your sump or refugium as a biological media. According to CarbiSea, they are also great for use in cryptic zone filters, jawfish habitats, reef substructure, as a nesting area for African Cichlids and filter media for ponds.

Frag discs or rubble? I think the rubble looks MUCH better.

Whether you are looking for natural frag plugs to mount your corals, looking for a versatile biological filtration media, or looking to add rubble pieces in your refugium for your pods to reproduce, CaribSea RubbleZone is a great new option!

Although the rubble are pearly white, it's easy to picture them blending in nicely!