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    Compatible with the Tunze 7000 SmartController.

    The Tunze CO2 Valve Set will connect to your 7000 series SmartController and your CO2/Air tubing to make a complete controllable CO2 Solenoid system.



    • 8v CO2 Valve
    • Ni-Coated
    • Works with multiple types of gasses


    The Tunze CO2 Valve set is an electronically controlled solenoid that connects directly to the Tunze SmartController 7000. The solenoid Valve will plug into one of the controller's In/Out control ports, but does come with a Y adapter cable allowing you to connect another light or pump in-line to the solenoid valve with individual control. The valve can be used for almost all types of gas including CO2 and Oxygen, making it useful for more than just CO2 reactors. 


    What's Included?

    1x Tunze CO2 Valve Set


    Note: Tunze SmartController 7000 required for use (purchase separately)

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