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BRS Select Fish Foods Bundle


1 x Seaweed Extreme Small Fish Food Pellets 1.58 oz   + $0.00

1 x 16 oz Medium TDO-EP1 Chroma BOOST   + $0.00

1 x 20g Nori Seaweed Sheets   + $0.00

1 x VeggieMag - Magnetic Floating Sea Veggies Clip   + $0.00

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    Feeding your fish a varied diet of high quality foods ensures that all of their nutritional requirements are met so that they can be at their best. Variety is the spice of life, and providing a mix of foods can result in improved appetites and in a very short time can produce better vitality, improved coloration, and increased disease resistance. It’s easy to neglect this aspect of fish care and get into the routine of just feeding the same food every day, but this bundle makes it even easier to start feeding your fish a top quality recipe that will result in happier and healthier fish.


    Bundle Includes

    • Seaweed Extreme Small Fish Food Pellets
    • Medium TDO-EP1 Chroma BOOST
    • Nori Seaweed Sheets
    • VeggieMag


    Each of these foods has been hand-picked by BRS for quality and proven long-term results in his aquariums.


    Seaweed Extreme Small Fish Food Pellets

    Seaweed Extreme is a nutrient-rich seaweed formula that contains 67% seaweed and supports rapid growth, a healthy immune system and vibrant coloration. This is a perfect supplement for the herbivores in your aquarium, and will also be enjoyed by omnivorous fish as well.


    TDO Chroma Boost EP-1 Fish Food Pellets

    TDO Chroma BOOST food is used by many top marine fish breeders and has been proven to produce vibrant colors, healthy growth, and great long-term health. Many at BRS use this food as a staple in their fish feeding routine. TDO Chroma Boost is granulated and pelletized, then "top dressed" with Haematococcus Algae providing a potent source of astaxanthin, leading to healthy animals that can really show their true potential.


    Nori Seaweed Sheets

    Nori, or Seaweed Sheets are super common to feed to herbivorous fish like tangs rabbitfish and blennies but are also a requirement for omnivores as well. Nori contains carotenes as well as putative immuno-stimulants which can help fish in captivity resist disease and other infections. Our Seaweed Sheets are harvested from pristine coastal water and then dried to maximize vitamin and mineral elements, which also helps keep your tank cleaner by not allowing the sheets to dissolve and break apart as easily.

    What's Included?

    1x Hikari Seaweed Extreme Small Fish Food Pellets, 1.58 oz

    1x Reef Nutrition Medium TDO-EP1 Chroma BOOST, 16 oz

    1x BRS Nori Seaweed Sheets, 20 g

    1x Two Little Fishies VeggieMag

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