BRS 4 Stage Value Replacement Filter Kit

BRS 4 Stage Value Replacement Filter Kit
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  • BRS 4 Stage Value Replacement Filter Kit

BRS 4 Stage Value Replacement Filter Kit

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Quick Overview

Why does BRS recommend this?

For almost all 4 Stage RODI systems we recommend the BRS 4 Stage Value replacement filter kit.  With the Purtrex 1 micron sediment filter and a BRS Universal Carbon block the kit comes with high quality filters.  We would be very weary using cheap, low quality carbon blocks in a 4 Stage RODI system because they do not last as long and will start to let organics and chlorine though very quickly.  The kit also includes Color Changing DI resin which comes in a vacuum sealed Mylar bag for a long shelf life and effectiveness.

This kit is designed to treat all major water sources including well water and water treated with chloramines or chlorine. Will work with all 4 stage RO/DI systems including the BRS 4 Stage Value Systems and any competitor systems that use industry standard 10” filters

  • Purtrex 1 Micron Sediment Filter

  • BRS Universal 1 Micron Carbon Block

  • 1.25 lb. Color Changing DI Resin Refill


Full Details

The 4 stage Value Replacement Filter Kit has been upgraded with the latest in carbon block technology and the best four stage RO/DI solution to universally treat for chloramines, chlorine and well water. The kit includes the upgraded GE 1 micron Purtrex Depth Sediment Filter, a new 1 Micron BRS Universal Carbon Block and a BRS Color Changing DI Refill. This kit can be used with NEW 4 Stage BRS RO/DI systems as well as legacy systems and all major competitor 4 stage RO/DI systems that use standard 10” filters.


Recommended Installation for this package:

  • Stage One - Purtrex 1 Micron Sediment Filter
  • Stage Two - BRS Universal 1 Micron Carbon Block
  • Last Stage - DI Resin


BRS Universal Carbon Blocks are manufactured using high performance catalytic active carbon combined with a new binder system technology which maximizes the availability of the critical catalytic sites. The combination of advanced carbon technology, increased volume of carbon contained in each filter and proprietary manufacturing processes delivers exceptionally high chloramine, chlorine, VOC and general chemical performance.

  • NSF Certified
  • Specifically formulated for superior Chloramine reduction 
  • 1 µm (micron) Nominal Filtration* 
  • Chlorine 35,000 @ 1 GPM**
  • Chloramines 3,500 @ 0.5 GPM***
  • High chemical adsorption
  • 30% more carbon than standard blocks****


Purtrex Depth Sediment Filters are an exceptional value for general applications where long life, high purity and low change-out frequency are required. Produced through GE Osmonics patented melt blown micro fiber technology, Purtrex is a 100% pure polypropylene depth filter with exceptional dirt-holding capacity. Purtrex true-graded density filter matrix (lower density at the surface of the filter with progressively higher density toward the center) captures particles throughout the entire filter depth. This translates to longer life and fewer change-outs than existing string-wound or resin-bonded filters. BRS Color Changing DI Resin is packaged in foil-lined 4mm Mylar bags AND vacuum sealed to preserve maximum useable life.  


BRS Color Changing Resin is packaged in foil-lined 4mm Mylar bags and vacuum sealed to maintain maximum storage life and effectiveness.

  • Changes Color from Blue to Brown as the media is exhausted.
  • 2 year shelf life (unopened)
  • Total Cation Capacity:  1.9 meq/mL min (Na+ form)
  • Total Anion Capacity:  1.25 meg/mL min (cl+ form)


*Nominal Micron rating for all above - 1 micron
**2ppm free chlorine >90% reduction
***3ppm monochloramine >85% reduction
****Manufacturer's internal test data


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  • Great kit! By WVReefer on 10/26/2017

    This a great kit...... I don’t have to worry about forgetting anything.
  • Simple & Trustworthy By Xxero on 10/20/2017

    I love the system and the replacement filter kits. All of the system components are quality built, and the filter kits keep things very simple. It's a trustworthy system from a reputable company. Win win!
  • Simple and Easy! By John on 10/9/2017

    It's super simple an easy to change out filters and media. Two thumbs up!
  • Works As Intended By jpitch on 5/21/2017

    Couldn't ask for a better product
  • Works every time! By John on 4/10/2017

    After upgrading to a 6 stage unit, this is the perfect package to replace my filters and resin. I simply replace the sediment filter, then move the second carbon and DI resin to the first position (to their respective positions), then add the new carbon block and resin to the second slots and I'm done.
  • Good stuff By Julio on 3/8/2017

    Works great
  • Perfect kit By brad on 3/3/2017

    This kit takes all the guesswork out of changing filters in my RODI unit! Everything you need, takes a matter of minutes to change them out!
  • Affordable Top Product By Harold on 2/22/2017

    I am sold on my 4 stage ATO system. I would recommend purchasing the water saver with this unit. I purchased one after I first installed it and would just order the complete unit at first. The charcoal unit is great. The color changes when used up and you can see the deletion by color. With the clear cylinders you can also see the other filters to see when they need changed but I am still going with the instructions. The price of the replacement pack is very good. It allows you to purchase and not go broke. The only thing I would like to see is some way to vent the air from the last state so the cylinder fills with water without loosening the cylinder to void some air so water fills the cylinder when starting the unit. This is the unit to go with for the price and good water along with affordable replacement packs.
  • Simple change out By AD on 2/21/2017

    Very easy to change out all components and work as advertised. Refer to BRS videos if need additional info. DI resin is a little messy, so use something like a cake pan to catch the ones that get away from producing a mess. Their customer service is great if you have additional questions that aren't addressed in their huge volume of videos!
  • Quality stuff By Jered on 1/29/2017

    100% satisfied with the quality of BRS's filtration system
  • Great product, easy install. By Burn on 1/26/2017

    This was the first time I changed the components of my RODI unit, it was super easy and restored my GPH pretty close to factory.
  • Saltwater Must Have! By Deuce-Houston on 1/3/2017

    I picked up a couple of these on BF BRS Sale and glad I did. I Just moved my 90G aquarium and my RODI was running slow with clogged filter and the DI CC was all brown. Was able to reduce my 5 gallon bucket rate from 34 mins to 28 mins. Their packaging is tough and lasts on the shelf all in a good way. DI is good for 2 years so stock up.


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Product Questions

Will these replacements fit RO Buddie systems?
Question by: John Howe on Apr 9, 2016 10:46:00 AM
Great question!
These are standard 10" x 2.5" cartridges and certainly should work for most systems as long as the measurements line up. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions!
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Apr 12, 2016 5:35:00 PM
I can't find my filter specs, will this work with the Coralife Pure-Flo II (76002)?
Question by: Dave on Jun 2, 2015 12:02:00 PM
great question,
Most Ro units are a fairly standard size, this kit should fit in your canisters no problem. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions!
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Jun 2, 2015 4:25:00 PM
About how often do you need to change the filters? I assume it would be dependent on the aquarium but I'm looking to purchase a couple replacements for the year for my classroom.
Question by: Madelaine on Mar 29, 2016 9:13:00 PM
Great question!
The actual time will vary on water quality, PSI and other factors. Typically the Sediment, Carbon block and DI resin will last around 6 months (the DI can often last less) and the RO membrane will last around 2 years. Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions!
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Apr 1, 2016 8:59:00 AM
I have an R/O system I haven't used in years. I'm looking at your 4 stage replacement kit. My unit has 3 canisters and a white horizontal cylinder on top. Does the top horizontal piece also need replaced and what does it do?
Question by: Eric Richard on Jan 17, 2016 1:43:00 PM
Great question!
If the unit has been stored all filters will need to be replaced. the 4 stage kit will be perfect! The final filter is the RO membrane which is the main component of filtration. I have included a link to the standard 75 GPD (Gallon per Day) membrane below.
Answer by: Connor (Admin) on Jan 26, 2016 6:37:00 PM
Hi I have the 6 stage and it is hooked up to a well and the 2 resin & sediment have turned the iron color from the well I need to replace them? If so can I use's a 6 stage from you BRS.. :) thank you!
Question by: Maria on May 23, 2017 3:31:00 PM
Discoloration of that sort is very common and the sediment filters can change color very quickly depending on what's in your source water. This doesn't necessarily indicate you need to replace them though. So long as they aren't clogged, and you're getting good pressure through your system, you should be fine to continue to use them. Depending on the timing with your other filters, you could purchase individual components as needed, or we do also have a full 6 stage replacement kit.

Have a great day!
Answer by: Zack (Admin) on May 30, 2017 2:48:00 PM