BiFuran+ Multi-Purpose Treatment - Hikari (DISCONTINUED)

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    Treat microbial bacterial and protozoan diseases in your reef tank. Targets infected areas safely and includes a skin-slime replacement to speed up recovery.

    • 3.5 oz
    • Contains proven ingredients - nitrofurazone and furazolidone
    • Can be used as a dip, bath or with food
    • Extremely safe
    • Treats Zoa Pox
    • Use for pond, freshwater or marine fishes


    Hikari Directions for Use

    As a Dip for Marine Fishes

    Short-Term Dip. Mix the proper amount of BiFuran+ into a container of conditioned freshwater and place the diseased fishes into the container with gentle aeration. Allow the fishes to remain in this dip until they can no longer remain upright or show other signs of osmotic stress (typically no longer than 1 minute). After treatment return the treated fishes to normal seawater for recovery. Repeat daily as needed.

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