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500mL ATI Essentials Pro - Complete Reef Supplement Set - ATI

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2L ATI Essentials Pro - Complete Reef Supplement Set - ATI

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ATI Essentials Pro takes advantage of recent advances, going beyond traditional 2-part solutions to meet the complete elemental needs of your reef while maintaining the simple two part dosing strategy. Simply dose the pre-mixed solutions in equal parts and your tank will be provided with 28 major, minor, and trace elements; a simple approach to a complicated problem. 



  • Pre-Mixed, highly concentrated formula
  • Complete formula supplies calcium, carbonate, and magnesium
  • Contains 25 additional elements required for coral growth and coloration
  • Cost-effective
  • One of the simplest two-part dosing solutions


With the Essentials Pro solutions, there’s no need to follow a complicated mixing recipe or struggle with fully dissolving powders. Essentials Pro is a laboratory quality concentrate that comes pre-mixed with the major and minor elements that your reef needs, ready-to-use. The pre-mixed concentrate can be dosed directly from the bottle, or you can dilute the solution for increased dosing precision, giving you the flexibility to choose the dosing style that is right for your tank.


Two Sizes Available

  • 500mL Set (500mL of each part)
  • 2 Liter Set (2 liters of each part)


Aquarium water testing has seen major advances in the last few years. Thanks to ICP-OES testing, we can now see how our individual aquariums are using the elements in the aquarium, and tailor our dosing to maintain optimal levels. The Essentials Pro system starts with a solution that fits the most common consumption rate of reef aquariums, but since actual consumption can vary from tank to tank, periodic testing can inform you if you need to make adjustments. With the ATI Elements, you have individual control of trace elements, so you can make small adjustments when necessary.


Starting Dosage (Assuming Undiluted Solution)

  • Low Demand Aquarium: .8mL per 10 gallons
  • Medium Demand/Mixed Reef: 2mL per 10 gallons
  • Heavy Demand (SPS, Clams): 4mL per 10 gallons

Note: Each aquarium’s needs will be different. Test regularly and adjust dose until calcium and alkalinity remain stable.


What’s Included?

1x Essentials Pro Part 1 (Alkalinity + Iodine & Sulfur)

1x Essential’s Pro Part 2 (Calcium, Magnesium + other Trace Elements)


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Product Name ATI Essentials Pro - Complete Reef Supplement Set - ATI
SKU ATI Essentials Pro - Complete Reef Supplement Set - ATI
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