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This kit tests for harmful nitrite and measures levels from 0 to 5.0 ppm. Regular testing for nitrite is an essential part of routine aquarium maintenance. Aquarium water should be tested for nitrite once a week to make sure the nitrite does not reach undesirable level. Tests for nitrite in freshwater & saltwater aquariums. Toxic nitrite is produced by nitrifying bacteria in the biological filter as it breaks down ammonia. 180 tests per kit.

Why Test For Nitrite?
Nitrite (NO2-) is produced in the aquarium by the biological filter. Beneficial bacteria in the biological filter convert toxic ammonia into nitrite (also toxic). The biological filter then converts nitrite into nitrate (NO3-). Testing for the presence of toxic nitrite is essential, so that once detected, steps can be taken to remove it. Otherwise, nitrite in the aquarium will prevent fish from carrying on normal respiration. High levels of nitrite quickly lead to fish death. Even trace amounts of nitrite stress fish, suppressing their immune system and, thereby, increase the likelihood of disease and subsequent fish loss.

Directions for Testing Nitrite:

  • Read thoroughly before testing. Do not allow test solutions to get into aquarium.
  • To remove childproof safety cap: With one hand, push red tab left with thumb while unscrewing cap with free hand.
    • Fill a clean test tube with 5 ml of water to be tested (to the line on the tube).
    • Add 5 drops of Nitrite Test Solution, holding dropper bottle upside down in a completely vertical position to assure uniformity of drops added to the water sample.
    • Cap the test tube and shake the tube for 5 seconds. Do not hold finger over the open end of the tube, as this may affect test results.
    • Wait five minutes for the color to develop.
    • Read the test results by matching the color of the solution against those on the Nitrite Test Color Chart. The tube should be viewed against the white area beside the color chart. Color comparisons are best made in a well-lit area. The closest match indicates the ppm (mg/L) of nitrite in the water sample. Rinse the test tube with clean water after each use.

Testing Tips:
This test kit reads total nitrite (NO2-) level in parts per million (ppm) which are equivalent to milligrams per Liter (mg/L) from 0 ppm to 5.0 ppm, in either fresh or saltwater aquariums. Other nitrite test kits that measure “nitrite-nitrogen” (NO2-N) will give readings 3.3 times LESS than this test kit.


What The Test Results Mean:

  • In new freshwater and saltwater aquariums the nitrite level will gradually climb to 10 ppm (mg/L) or more. As the biological filter becomes established (in 4 to 6 weeks), nitrite levels will drop to 0 ppm (mg/L). In an established aquarium, the nitrite level should always remain at 0 ppm (mg/L). The presence of nitrite indicates possible over-feeding, too many fish, or inadequate biological filtration.
  • The nitrite level is not an indication of the ammonia level; ammonia is another toxic waste material which must be tested separately.

Reducing Nitrite:

Use Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Nitra-Zorb™ to remove nitrite from freshwater aquariums. Nitra-Zorb is a rechargeable filtration material that removes nitrite from freshwater. Making partial water changes can also help reduce the nitrite level, especially if the initial nitrite level is very high. Use Aquarium Pharmaceuticals STRESS ZYME® to help speed the development of the biological filter. Adding Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Aquarium Salt will reduce nitrite toxicity to fish while the biological filter is removing the nitrite.

Partial water changes will lower nitrite in a saltwater aquarium. Use Aquarium Pharmaceuticals STRESS ZYME to help speed up the development of the biological filter.


  • Causes burns. Harmful if swallowed.
  • Contains hydrochloric acid. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If on skin, flush with water for 15 minutes. If in eyes, hold lids open and flush with water for 15 minutes. Remove contact lens, if present, after the first 5 minutes, then continue rinsing. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Call a physician immediately.

FIRST AID: Give large amounts of water or milk of magnesia. Wash thoroughly after handling. Keep out of the reach of children.

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