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All-in-One Drop-In Kit for 29 Gallon Aquariums - PRO Series

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The Fiji Cube AIO Drop-In Kits simplify the process of building an all-in-one aquarium with a pre-built sump box that fits perfectly in the back of your aquarium and includes divided sections for your filtration, heating, and water circulation equipment. Fiji Cube designed this AIO box to maximize the filtration potential and minimize the effort, time and cost to DIY an All-in-One aquarium.

  • Compatible with most standard aquariums
  • Easy drop-in design
  • Silicone ready
  • Quality cast acrylic
  • Space-saving design; no external plumbing required
  • Filter sock and media basket included
  • 300DC Nano return pump w/ easy-to-use digital controller
    • Adjustable flow rates
    • Feed mode


The PRO Series of Fiji Cube AIO DIY Kits also includes a media basket and a Fiji Flow DC return pump with a digital controller. The Fiji Flow DC pump is the ideal, space-saving and energy-efficient solution to moving water from your sump back into your aquarium. Its ceramic shaft design produces less heat, requires less maintenance, and can be operated at safer, lower voltages when compared to traditional motor-driven pumps. The controller is easy to use with both adjustable flow and a dedicated Feed Mode.


The drop-in kit is a quick and great solution to set up a tank where simplicity and space savings are a concern. It is suitable to be used as a quick DIY solution for a display, hospital, frag growth tank, and much more. This kit will fit most appropriately sized aquariums with standard dimensions. With the Fiji Cube AIO DIY PRO Series Drop-in Kits, you can spend less time with logistics and more time creating your aquascape and enjoying your aquarium. Simply drop this AIO box into any standard aquarium that is readily available in the market and your all-in-one aquarium will be ready to roll!




AIO Outer Dimensions - 10.80”L x 4.76”W x 17.65”H

Media Basket Chamber - 4.4”L x 3.4”W

Skimmer/Return Chamber - 4.4”L x 6.53”

Pump Connection - 1/2" hose

Recommended Flow Rate - 210 GPH

Pump Dimensions - 3.3"L x 2.15"W x 3.6"H

Pump Power - 15W

Pump Power Cord Length - 48"

Pump Max. Flow - 300gph



What’s Included?

  • Fiji Cube All-in-One Box
  • Filter Sock Holder with Filter Sock
  • Modular Media Basket
  • Plumbing Kit with Adjustable Nozzle
  • Fiji Flow 300DC Nano Pump with digital flow controller

Note: Aquarium not included

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