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Actinic Blue Mini Magnum LED - Reef Brite

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    Mini Magnum LEDs make the perfect accent light or moonlight for reef aquariums. If you just want to add a little shimmer or bring out the fluorescence in your corals, Reef Brite Mini Magnums make a great addition to any light fixture. Each Mini Magnum comes with a mounting bracket that can be screwed into a hood, or existing light fixture. 

    • 3.5" Long
    • Enhanced Shimmer
    • Makes Corals POP
    • Easy to Mount
    • Mounting Bracket Included
    • Power Supply Included


    Actinic Blue - These have a deep blue spectrum around 420-440nm and produce brilliant fluorescence in corals.

    White - A neutral white that produces significant growth and shimmer.

    50/50 - An even blend of 1 Daylight White LED and 1 Actinic Blue LED creating an approx 14k spectrum.



    Dimensions - 3.5" L x 1.8" W x 1.25" H

    Power Consumption - 1.6W @ 120VAC

    Number of LEDs - 2 Blue LEDs

    Cord Length - >6ft


    What's Included?

    1x Mini Magnum LED

    1x Mounting Bracket

    1x Power Supply

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