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15 Gallon Planted Aquarium Kit


1 x Fluval Flex 15 Gallon Aquarium Kit   + $0.00

1 x BRS Stick-On Thermometer   + $0.00

1 x 50 Watt Pre-Set Quartz Glass Heater   + $0.00

1 x 250 mL Prime - Complete Concentrated Water Conditioner   + $0.00

1 x AF Lava Soil (5 L)   + $0.00

1 x Black River Rock - 12lbs   + $0.00

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    Everything You Need to Start a Planted Aquarium

    • Create a Beautiful Underwater World
    • Fluval Flex Aquarium with Unique Curved Design
    • Equipment, Substrate & Hardscape Included


    Equip yourself with the ultimate aquarium bundle, providing everything you need to create a stunning aquatic environment that will thrive. Whether you're an experienced aquarist or a beginner, this bundle simplifies setup and maintenance, allowing you to enjoy the tranquil beauty of underwater life.


    Fluval Flex 15 Gallon Aquarium

    The Flex 15 is a uniquely designed aquarium with a curved front panel that stands out from standard shapes. It features integrated rear filtration chambers and adjustable LED lighting suitable for low to medium light plants.


    Aquaforest Lava Soil (5 L)

    AF Lava Soil is a natural volcanic lava based soil that has been enriched with essential minerals for freshwater plants. The soil's unique structure allows for easy rooting of aquatic plants, promotes better water circulation to improve distribution and absorption of nutrients, and prevents the formation of dangerous anaerobic bacteria zones. 


    Black River Rock (12 lbs)

    In a planted aquarium, hardscape materials can substantially change the look of the overall aquascape. Black River Rock from Caribsea allows you to create a spectacular backdrop for your plants and fish and the dark color helps bring out the best coloration.


    50 Watt Pre-Set Heater

    The pre-set heaters from Lifegard Aquatics are about as easy as it gets. Simply install the heater in the aquarium using the included suction cups and plug it in. That's it! This 50-watt heater will maintain your aquarium of up to 20 gallons around 78°F without any adjustments needed.


    Prime Tap Water Conditioner (16 oz)

    Tap water contains chemicals and toxins that are harmful to fish when left untreated. Prime Tap Water Conditioner removes chlorine and chloramines and detoxifies heavy metals.


    BRS Stick-On Thermometer

    A straightforward and discreet way to monitor aquarium temperatures. With its easy-to-use stick-on design, it displays temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius using liquid crystal ink for clear color indicator readings.



    What's Included?

    Fluval Flex 15 Gallon Aquarium with:

    • Aquarium Cover
    • LED Lighting w/ Remote
    • Circulation Pump with Output Nozzle
    • Foam Filter Block w/ Handle
    • Activated Carbon Insert
    • BIOMAX Insert
    • Under-Tank Pad

    50 Watt Pre-Set Quartz Glass Heater

    Aquaforest Lava Soil (5 L)

    Black River Rock (12 lbs)

    Prime Tap Water Conditioner (250 mL)

    BRS Stick-On Thermometer

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