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14 Fusion Peninsula Aquarium - Tank Only (OPEN BOX) - Innovative Marine


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    Bring depth and dimension to your living room, office or bedroom with the Innovative Marine Peninsula Aquarium. The flat polished, low iron glass lets you see through the glass like it is not even there and with the simple all in one filtration chamber maintenance is straightforward and clean. The Peninsula design brings a new dimension to reef keeping with new possibilities.

    Dimensions: 12" L x 20" W x 13" H


    • 14 Gallons
    • AIO filtration
    • Filter sock included
    • Diamond polished edges
    • High quality black silicone
    • Rubber leveling mat



    Peninsula Aquariums unlock a whole new possibility of aquascapes and layout within the aquarium. The three-sided viewing experience gives you two long sides to spectate through, effectively doubling the viewing area. Use the tank to separate rooms, desktops, or other counter space bringing energy and life to any space. Just add your favorite lighting, heater, sand, and rock (we like using fiji or branch rock) to have a beautiful saltwater reef tank up and running in no time.



    Water flows through the built-in surface skimming overflow into the included filter sock that will remove large free-floating particles, keeping them out of your return pump and other filtration components. Water then will flow through the skimmer/media reactor chamber and over the final baffle into the return pump compartment to be pushed back into the aquarium.

    Adding a media reactor or protein skimmer will enhance your filtration and lets you tailor it to the specific corals or fish you will be keeping.



    Overall Dimensions - 12" L x 20" W x 13" H

    Filter Sock Compartment - 2.8" L x 2.75" W

    Skimmer/Media Reactor Compartment - 4" L x 2.75" W

    Glass Thickness - 6mm

    Return Pump Flow - 211 GPH

    Power Consumption - 11W @ 120 VAC

    Volume - 14 Gallons


    What's Included?

    1x Glass 14 Gallon Peninsula Aquarium

    1x Return Pump 211 GPH

    1x Desktop Filter Sock

    1x Return Hose Assembly

    1x Elbow Connector

    1x Flare Nozzle

    1x Rubber Leveling Mat


     Owners Manual

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