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BRS Fiji Dry Live Rock

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  • BRS Dry Live Rock

BRS Fiji Dry Live Rock

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Quick Overview

Sold by the pound. The standard in reef keeping and one of the most commonly used types of rock in reef keeping. The unique sizes and shapes help create interesting structures. BRS Dry Live Rock is free of nuisance algae and pest organisms. No Shipping to Canada.


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Previously Asked Questions

  • by Ed on October 19, 2013, @10:13 AM

    Can this rock be used to cycle a new tank?

    Bulk Reef Supply Hey Ed,
    It sure can. In fact thats one of the more preferred ways and its often nice just to do it all in the same tank. Its a lot easier to aquascape dry. We like to do our aquascaping, add our sand, add our water and then let it all cycle.

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  • by Frank R on October 25, 2013, @11:15 AM

    Hi, new to saltwater, how do I activate the Dry Live Rock? Will live sand start the process and if so how long should I expect it to take? Also what needs to be done to the dry rock before placing it in the tank. I have a 55 gallon I am converting. Thanks for the time

    Bulk Reef Supply Hey Frank,
    You got it. Its really as simple as setting up the tank with the rock and just letting it all run a while before you put live stock in. Its hard to say exactly how long it will take, as you want to measure the ammonia in the tank. It will rise slowly over a few weeks and then start to come down, when its 0 is the first point where you can consider adding critters. 4-6 weeks would be a fairly typical ballpark.

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  • by Rudy on August 3, 2014, @10:42 PM

    Hi, is there anyway to request the size? Since i had small nuvo 16 tank. Im afraid it wont fit in my tank if it too big. And how many pounds of live rock do you recommend for 16 gallons tank?
    Thank you

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Rudy,
    For a tank that size about 15lbs should do the trick. Feel free to put a general request in order comments during checkout. They aren't able to fulfil specific size requests (like 4" x3") but if you tell them you are looking for "softball size rocks", etc that isn't any issue at all.

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  • by Rocky on February 13, 2014, @4:26 PM

    Do i have to cycle my new Fiji rock if have an existing fish reef tank or i can just place it in the tank?????

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Rocky,
    You absolutely would want to cycle the rock in a different container before adding to an established tank. Its just not worth the risk of starting a new cycle in something with live stock. You can use something as simple as a bucket or trash can depending on the volume you plan to add.

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  • by Christian on August 28, 2013, @2:48 PM

    So is the quantity the number of pounds of rock

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Christian,
    That is correct. It is sold by the lb, so whatever quantity you enter in the quantity field is the number of pounds you are ordering.

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  • by John Zeleniak on August 1, 2014, @3:56 PM

    I have a 120 gal reef tank that has a load of Aiptasia. I want to replace all the live rock and start fresh.
    Is there a way for me to do that without removing the live stock? Or do I break the system down and start
    from the beginning? I really don't want to do the later. I have a lot of SPS corals that are OK. What do I do?

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi John,
    Your situation is particularly difficult. The rock is host to most of the beneficial bacteria that reduce the fish waste. On the one hand it must be replaced slowly in order to allow the filtration to compensate. On the other hand, placing your new rock into a tank with a bunch of aiptasia covered rock is likely just to also become infested with aiptasia. Unfortunetely I think your best bet here really is to break the system down as you don't really want to reuse any water/sand/rock from a tank that is infested or your likely to just spread it right into the new rock.

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  • by Eric on December 26, 2013, @3:56 AM

    I'm starting my first saltwater tank, so can I just put this rock right in the tank? Or do I need to do anything with it first before putting it into the main tank? Do I just rinse it off?

    Bulk Reef Supply Hey Eric,
    As long as there isn't any live stock in the tank that is how most of us would do it. Just put the rock in, then put in your sand and your water and let the whole tank cycle together.

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Full Details

BRS Fiji Dry Rock is the standard rock used in aquariums. Fiji Dry Rock is porous and full of holes that become nice homes and passage ways for your tanks inhabitants. Like all of our dry rock Fiji is free of nuisance algae and pests which can cause complete tank shut downs and is guaranteed to be free of apitasia, bubble algae, parasitic isopods, mantis shrimp, acro eating flat worms, little red bugs, fire worms, predatory nudibranchs, pyramidellid snails and other common pests.

Using Dry Rock has the following advantages:

  • Low initial cost on premium types of rock.
  • Pound for pound a way better value - no water weight.
  • Can be shipped standard UPS ground which saves a fortune on shipping.
  • Absolutely pest free. This is the most important reason. This allows you to completely avoid all of the most common aquarium pests that plague most aquarists.

Dry live rock is not available for shipment to Canada due to high tariffs. Please consider Reef Saver rock as it is not subject to these fees and is our favorite of the dry rocks available.



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  • Nice rock By Melody on 3/29/2015

    There look nice in my tank. There was some debris on the rock, and I had to rest it against the glass because the pieces were kinda small. I ordered 40 pounds and was hoping for 1 or 2 large pieces, but I got about 10 medium pieces and a bunch of smaller pieces.
  • Great Rocks! By Colette on 3/18/2015

    I ordered 40 lbs of this. I don't think I could have personally picked out a better box full. Excellent sizes, and I mean big! Very happy with my purchase!!
  • a good buy By melissa on 3/14/2015

    What a great exsperience this was, curing live rock. My live rock came in a variety of sizes and shapes perfect for reef tank...I also cured my rock for over 14 weeks and when it went in my tank, I had no issues.
  • Great quality @ great price By Ray on 2/20/2015

    Great variety of sizes and shapes. Packaged very well - surrounded by a LOT of foam peanuts. Minimal breakage of very small pieces.
  • Nice Rock. By Justin on 2/16/2015

    Product arrived as described extremely fast due BRS's very prompt shipping. While I think I like their Pukani rock better it is merely a matter of preference. This rock definitely served it's purpose and was affordable. I ordered 18 lbs and was able to use it all for the 20 gallon long aquarium I am setting up for an angler display tank.
  • WOW By Jeffrey on 2/15/2015

    VERY HAPPY with this rock. First ever reef tank, and went back and forth with live or dry.. glad I chose dry and glad I chose BRS ! Great selection of shapes and sizes.. hardly any rubble and some rocks exhibiting great colors. Curing in a bin of salt water now, can't wait to get them in the tank ! Thanks BRS !
  • Great fiji rock By jent on 2/10/2015

    It was exactly the shapes and sizes I was hoping for. I plan to use them as foundation rock, and I am very happy that I got some decent sized pieces.
  • Great Rock, Great Sizes By Chris on 2/10/2015

    I ordered 35 lbs of rock and it came in a nice assortment of sizes. There was nothing too small and nothing too big. This happened to be the perfect amount of rock for my 36 gallon display tank. Rock is nicely packaged and it didn't take much to clean them pretty well. Good Stuff. Great Price
  • Great Rock By bl95 on 2/1/2015

    This is my first experience with Live Rock and I didn't know what to expect. This rock came packed well, very little rubble and/or dead material, and the pieces were the perfect size I needed. Looks great with plenty of nooks and cranny's for fish to swim in and out of, and for coral.
  • Best I've seen in a long time By MKaplan on 1/20/2015

    This is some fantastic rock. Highly porous, comes in a variety of nice, interesting shapes and sizes. Perfect for aquascaping. Add just a little live rock to this and your tank will take off.
  • Great rock variety By Chris on 1/19/2015

    I ordered 100 pounds of Fiji about a year ago, when it arrived I was so happy to see the variety of sizes and shapes that came with my order. as a first time aqua scaper I was able to make some great formations in my tank and best of all, it wasn't just a pile of rocks! I will definitely stay with Fiji rock for my future tanks.
  • could tell it was hand picked for aquascaping By Dylan on 1/12/2015

    Really nice pieces of rock shipped very nicely. Good assortment of sizes, no massive pieces which is ok because i didnt want any really big ones. This was my first purchase from BRS, and i believe this is the first of many.

    Thanks BRS

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