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BRS Reef Saver Dry Aquarium Live Rock

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BRS Reef Saver Dry Aquarium Live Rock

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Quick Overview

Sold by the pound. BRS Recommended. Create unique and interesting aquascapes with BRS Reef Saver Dry Aquarium Live Rock. Environmentally-friendly, Reef Saver rock is all natural calcium carbonate rock mined from a land-based fossilized coral reef and does not damage ocean habitats in any way. BRS Dry rock is 100% free of nuisance algae and pest organisms.


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Previously Asked Questions

  • by Kyle on November 22, 2013, @8:48 PM

    I'm setting up a 35 gallon 20inX20in cube, out of the three pukani, reef saver or Fiji which offers the smaller pieces my tank requires for me to get the best results aquascaping? Thanks!

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Kyle,
    Fiji and Reef Saver offer the smallest size pieces. Personally I prefer reefsaver in these types of situations as it is really easy to stack and create your aquascape.

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  • by Chris on September 30, 2013, @8:07 AM

    Hi there,
    What is the recommended amount of rock per gallon? I'm aquascaping a JBJ 28 LED tank. thanks!

    Bulk Reef Supply Hey Chris,
    We recommend a pound per gallon as a good ballpark place to start. It will give a nice middle of the road aqua-scape and is what most folks are looking for!

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  • by lynda on October 24, 2013, @10:26 AM

    does this rock have to acclamate

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Lynda,
    The rock isn't alive so it itself doesn't need to be acclimated. We would however recommend cycling any rock from any source being atleast cycled before adding to an existing aquarium to make sure there isn't any risk to your existing livestock.

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  • by john on September 1, 2013, @3:53 AM

    do you need to cure reef saver rock the same as you would live rock or is it fairly free of organics?

    Bulk Reef Supply Hey John,
    We would advise cycling any type rock from any source because it just isn't worth the risk of your live stock not too. As far as the rock goes though, the reef saver is by far the cleanest of any of the rocks right off the bat.

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  • by Blake on October 4, 2013, @11:06 AM

    Howdy y'all, I've seen the video of Ryan chiseling and cutting the Pukani rock. Is the Reef Saver rock as easy to manipulate and cut? Thank you!

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Blake,
    The Reef Saver rock is much harder and not nearly as easy to manipulate. If you want to chisel out caves and the like I would highly recommend going with the pukani :-)

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  • by Steve on September 5, 2013, @6:11 PM

    Is the price shown here the price per pound? Thanks.

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Steve,
    Yes the rock is sold by the pound, so the quantity you enter in the quantity field is the number of pounds you are ordering.

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  • by Diana on October 3, 2013, @10:52 AM

    if I order 50 does that mean 50bls?

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Diana,
    Yes this product is sold by the pound, so the quantity that you order is the number of pounds that you are ordering.

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  • by Rob on December 23, 2013, @1:28 AM

    I am in the process of planning a new tank, a JBJ 45 rimless Cube AIO and was wonder what is the recommended amount of rock for a tank this size as well as the correct amount of sand for it. the actual display portion of the tank will be 26 x 16 x 21 I was going to use the ocean direct original grade sand approximately 1- 2 inches deep. Would you recommend another type of rock for this?

    Thank you.

    Bulk Reef Supply Hey Rob,
    Great questions. For a tank your size 45-50lbs of rock should be right in the ballpark of what your looking for. Sand wise with the dimensions of your tank, coincidentally your also looking at 45lbs to get you about a 2" sand bed (half as much for a 1" sand bed). With most sands being sold in 20lb or 40lb bags, I would pick up a 40lb bag (or 2x 20lb bags) and you should be in great shape.

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Full Details

BRS Reef Saver Dry Aquarium Live Rock can be shipped to Canada.

BRS Reef Saver Dry Aquarium Live Rock, our environmentally friendly rock, works great for aquascaping. This rock is 100% free of nuisance algae and pests which can cause complete tank shut downs and is guaranteed to be free of apitasia, bubble algae, parasitic isopods, mantis shrimp, acro eating flat worms, little red bugs, fire worms, predatory nudibranchs, pyramidellid snails and other common pests. BRS Reef Saver rock comes in unique shapes that fit well together to make interesting and unique structures. BRS Reef Saver Rock arrives at our warehouse pre-soaked and rinsed. This is by far our cleanest rock.

BRS makes every effort to securely pack the Rock.  However, the UPS automation is not always gentle on heavy products like this and they do not consider this product insurable. Because of this, there is some inherent risk with shipping rock like this across the country and it is impossible to replace or refund broken pieces. If this happens most pieces can be repaired with epoxy.



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  • Nice dry rock.. By Jessica on 2/27/2015

    I've always used Figi Live Rock for all of my other tanks... with limited local selection now due to a variety of reasons and paying 8$ lb for below average rock kinda lost it's appeal to me. I started looking online for other solutions and came across this rock. I was very hesitant to order rock sight unseen but after reading all of the other reviews I decided to give it a try. I'm very happy I did. The rock showed up with no damage and a nice selection of sizes for the most part. A few pieces were not to my liking but the value more than made up for it. I just placed my second order and am hoping between the two I can find my perfect look. Thanks BRS!
  • Awesome Deal By Ronnie on 2/20/2015

    This rock came in excellent packaging and assorted sizes. Easy to aquascape. Great price and product!
  • Excellent shapes and sizes By Aaron on 2/19/2015

    Super impressed with the rock; it is very open and porous with nooks and crannies everywhere. Very nice looking rock. I ordered 50lbs and there was rubble totaling 2-3lbs at the bottom of the box which I figured was pretty good considering what UPS has done to some of my other packages recently. I'll be ordering about another 30lbs for a 75g aquarium and should be set.
  • Cheap rock. You get what you pay for By krzy4fish on 2/18/2015

    Its great rock for the money the problem is, I received one 20 pound piece that was like a bowling ball .. Totally round, So I broke it apart but it was extremely CRUMBLEY. It just doesnt form any kind of nice stackable chunk. But the one good thing is it is extremely good at surface area.. I would say next time i will save up and buy the good stuff ..
  • Love these to pieces! By Nerdymunky on 2/17/2015

    A few months ago, I bought one of the 50lb bulk boxes since this was my first start at a Reef Tank. This time, needing more for a larger setup, I decided to go with this rock to add onto my collection. I have to say I love this rock so much more. These feel so much more porous; great for bacteria and pods alike. I'll definitely be using more of these rocks in the future.
  • Good rock, nice variety By Sean on 2/16/2015

    I purchased 60 lbs of rock and received a nice assortment of shapes and sizes that worked perfectly for my tank.
  • Great Stuff! By Jason on 2/12/2015

    Been using this rock in my tanks for years. In reefs, fish only tanks, as well as African cichlid tanks and love it. So easy to scape and when ordered in bulk ive always gotten a good variety of sizes and shapes.
  • Only way to go! By Ewan on 2/12/2015

    I used this rock to set up my first reef tank and it has been great to me! No pests,no nutrient issues and the coralline algae took off in no time.
  • I keep getting more of this By Bruce on 2/12/2015

    I find myself buying more of this again. I like the look of this with all the nooks and crannies, the way it fits together and how easy it is to tailor the shape with a hammer. I like the no risk of pest or disease or unwanted anything....just rock. Seems to work well as a biological....and most of all, I love that harvesting this has zero impact on any existing reef!....+ great service and free shipping too!
  • Awesome Products By Sam M on 2/10/2015

    I purchased 20+ Lbs of Reef Saver for my GF's first tank. After shopping locally I was unimpressed with the selection I could physically choose from. After finding this site via youtubes video's I decided to give BRS a try. The tank is almost done cycling and looks AWESOME to say the least. The selection we received was beautiful and formed a natural very stable reef. AT our Superbowl party all of our friends including 2 reefers were more then impressed with the Reef Saver. After I told them what I spent they were mad at not looking for an outside supplier. Needless to say this is going to be my rock of choice on all future projects including my 200 gal which I am designing and prepping to start in 5 months.
  • Excellent base rock By DW on 2/9/2015

    Using this for my second reef tank. Excellent rock and well prized.
  • Dry live rock By Serene on 2/9/2015

    The rock itself is very unique and has a beautiful structure that can allow you have it as a standalone rock as a design within your reef aqua escape.
    The downside is the size that won’t allow you playing much with alone rock, if possible it will be in a very limited shapes. But to me I really loved the look of it and I’m looking forward to start adding it to my tank and play a bit to get my final look.


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