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    …Now with the WAV pump from Neptune, even more control is at the tip of your fingertips.  For the first time, there is now a fully controllable DC pump with features like full graphing control, temperature, RPM monitoring, and much more all with the WAV pumps and 1Link module.   …

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    …snap!)   WAV™ Extreme flow for your aquarium The WAV moves water. Plain and simple. More than 4000 gallons per hour of it! Better yet, for the same amount of flow, the WAV is smaller, uses less power, and is quieter than the most popular powerhead pumps on the market. …

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    …the DOS and WAV pump that can now connect directly to the EnergyBar 832 saving room and eliminate messy cords keeping your tank's equipment looking perfect.   Monitor and Control * Temperature * pH * Outlets * 24VDC accessories * WAV pumps * Individual…

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    …consumption, and 1Link Accessories like the DOS and WAV pump can now connect directly to the Energy Bar 832 saving room, and eliminating messy cords keeping your tanks equipment looking perfect. * 8 Relayed Outlets * Up to 3 WAV pumps * 2x 24VDC accessories * Powers other 1Link…

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