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    Use the Water Valve from Tunze to connect to the Tunze Osmolator - the water valve replaces the pump with an electrically operated solenoid. Use it to control the flow of water from a tube rather than pumping it from a container like gravity-fed auto top off system. Max Water Pressure - 145 PSI (10…

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    …or an empty reservoir, and alert you with an audible and visual alarm within seconds of any accidents. Specifications Water Change Interval: Min. 1 hour - Max. 99 days Flow Rate: 74 gph (280 lph) Max. Head Height: 8.2 ft Max. Glass Thickness for Sensor Mounts: (12.7 mm) Flexible Tubing: 6m (ID:…

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    …and stop water supply in the event of overflow. Features High precision stepper motor WiFi control via free mobile App Fully customizable water change and/or top off schedule Battery backup and memory settings Includes float sensors and alarms for overflow prevention Specifications Flow: 900mL per…

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    …The pump will need to be able to refill the amount of evaporated water in just a couple of minutes. BRS suggest purchasing a pump that is just slightly larger and placing a ball valve to control the overall amount of flow. We suggest looking into the Sicce Syncra Silent line of pumps or the…

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    …with the ATO controller and sensor to allow the flow of RODI water to your sump and when the water level is replenished the sensor will tell the controller to shut off power to the solenoid to close the valve and stop the flow of RODI water. The solenoid uses 1/4" push connect fittings to allow…

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    …operate How It Works Simply screw the reservoir bottle onto its base and mount it to your tank rim.When the water level drops to reveal the shorter tube, the water in the bottle automatically flows into the tank do to the pressure difference-- no electricity required! Installation Select a suitable…

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    …predictable 50 mL per minute flow rate which ensures gradual and subtle changes to water chemistry. Precision two roller design extends pump life and will not back siphon. 24-month warranty offered by Bulk Reef Supply. BRS Top Off Doser Specs 20 ft max head 50mL/min flow rate is ideal for most top…

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    …agitation from causing fluctuating water levels.Everything included, just install and enjoy consistent water and salinity levels. The JBJ Nano ATO is the perfect upgrade for your aquarium. Specifications: Power Input - 120V AC, 60Hz DC Pump Max Head - 7.2 feet Pump Flow Rate - 74 gph Max Mounting…

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    Flow Rate - 74 gph Controller Dimensions - 2.2" H x .88" W x 1.9" L Sensor Cable Length - 10 feet Pump Cable Length - 69 inches Max Tank Mounting Thickness: 1/2" Power Supply Cable Length: 67 inches What's Included? 1x Duetto Optical Controller 1x Power Supply 1x Water Pump 1x Siphon Break 7ft Water

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    flow through plumbing on your aquarium. This is perfect for monitoring the health of your return pump, keeping an eye on your emergency drain, setting the levels on your various reactors and filters, or watching the flow to your RODI. What's Included? 1x FMM Fluid Monitoring Module 2x Optical Water

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    …for aquariums under 50 gallons As fresh water evaporates from your saltwater aquarium, the salt that is left behind begins to build in concentration. Auto top off systems help to restore osmotic balance in your aquarium by refilling the fresh water lost to evaporation. This is especially important…

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