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    Monitoring salinity in an aquarium can be a challenge-- small bubbles and debris can interfere with your conductivity probe, leading to inconsistent and unreliable results.Vivid Creative Aquatics has tackled this problem head on with theirSalinity Probe Stability Kit. The "SPS" Kit is carefully…

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    …Reef-safe PETG plastic Quick and easy installation For Red Sea Reefer 525 XL and below Suggested minimum flow: 350-400 GPH Optimal flow: 640-670+ GPH VCA RFG (Random Flow Generator) Nozzle Vivid Creative Aquatics revolutionary design uses a set of 5 fins in a spiraling design that channels the water…

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    Turn any 1" Threaded Bulkhead into a Random Flow Generator! Vivid Creative Aquatics 3D printed random flow generators easily slips onto PVC for a custom flow pattern through their patent pending randomized design. Each RFG is made of reef-safe PETG plastic and made to outlast your aquarium. Just…

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