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    …break pretty easily. Cepex ball valves will last a lifetime with super smoother operation. We are always recommending the use of unions on plumbing as well. Unions make everything from plumbing to maintenance easier. Having a union on each side of the ball valve allows for easy removal of hardware,…

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    Why does BRS recommend this? Mur-lok ball valves are some of the highest quality ball valves for push connect style tubing on the market. With high quality parts, smoother operation, and dual O-rings they will give you a lifetime of leak free operation. Mur-lok RO fittings are the only reverse…

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    …fertilizing systems, calcium reactors, and drip irrigation of water gardens and paludariums. Barbed x Barbed connections. Barbed Aquatic Ball Valves for regulating water flow through standard hose used for devices such as canister filters, pump return lines, protein skimmers, calcium reactors,…

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    Schedule 80 Spears Gate Valves will provide smooth, lasting operation while giving your aquarium a professional look. Gate valves are used for any application that requires precise control such as skimmers or silent overflows. Slip x Slip Smooth long term operation Precise tuning More professional…

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    If you need to relocate your Cepex Ball Valve, and the slip connection ends permanently bonded into your current plumbing, you can now replace the union ends, saving tons of money!Cepex Ball Valves are easily the best valves on the market, with their smooth action and long life of reliable function.…

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    Why does BRS recommend this? The 3-way ball valve is probably one of our most favorite fittings. By swinging the handle from one side to another, you can either turn water flow off completely, or direct it from one direction to another. They work great for fresh and saltwater storage containers, and…

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    …is necessary and standard push connect tubing is used. The highly durable and fatigue resistant valve and body are designed to last a long time while maintaining its precise tuned setting. The valve can be used with a wide variety of gasses and liquids. Highly Durable Chemical & Gas Resistant…

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    valve. This clean, out of the way installation leaves faucets free for other use. To turn of water supply to the RO unit for maintenance simply close the ball valve. John Guest Angle Stop Valve " " Male Thread x " Female Thread " Quick Connect Ball Valve for " RO tubing John Guest Angle Stop Valve

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    …RODI water to your sump and when the water level is replenished the sensor will tell the controller to shut off power to the solenoid to close the valve and stop the flow of RODI water. The solenoid uses 1/4" push connect fittings to allow RO tubing to connect quickly. All BRS RODI systems use 1/4"…

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    Spears makes the highest quality True Union check valves. Use them to add a last line of defense against overflows. Check valves allow one directional water flow and are used to prevent back siphoning. They are commonly used on return pump outputs to prevent water overflowing the sump in the event…

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    Schedule 80 Spears Gate Valves will provide smooth, lasting operation while giving your aquarium a professional look. Gate valves are used for any application that requires precise control such as skimmers or silent overflows. Thread x Thread Smooth long-term operation Precise tuning More…

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    Our Economy Gate Valves feature Schedule 80 PVC construction and accurate flow control at an economical price. Gate valves are used for any application that requires precise control such as skimmers or silent overflows. Slip x Slip Accurate flow control Long term operation More professional look…

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    …Turning water off to the RO unit for maintenance is as easy as closing the ball valve. Mur-Lok Faucet Adapter Kit 3/8" 1/2" Male Thread x 1/2" Female Thread (standard on most household fittings) 3/8" Push Connect Ball Valve fits 3/8" RO tubing Polypropylene construction NSF Standard 58 Certified…

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    …becoming lodged in the Anti-Drip valve. Note: You need 1 adapter and 1 coupling to complete a Push-Lock fitting.Anti-Drip Valves are not included unless noted.Please see compatibility chart in full details below. BRS SKU Connection Type Compatible With Anti-Drip Valve 209960 1/2" Male NPT x Coupling…

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    …Needle Valves are used when extremely accurate and reliable fluid metering is a must. This needle valve is one of our preferred methods of flow control for calcium reactor effluent, where getting the flow dialed in to the mL/min is required for system stability. This needle valve ensure additional…

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    …The control valve let you quickly control the flow of water through the Water Change System giving you precise control of the flow, and amount of water removed. Features: Metal connection to faucet Saves time No siphon needed or buckets to empty aquariums Easy to use design with control valve

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    valves increase the flow to the membrane by bypassing the flow restrictor when the valve is opened. This helps flush deposits and significantly increases the usable life of the RO membrane. The Membrane Flush/Flow restrictor valve is an all in one flow restrictor equipped with a flush valve for easy…

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    …control valve fittings let you regulate the air or air flow through standard airline tubing for devices such as air-stones, ozone generators, filters, protein skimmers, etc. Available in 6 packs or individually. 3/16" Barbed x 3/16" Barbed connections Two Little Fishies Airline Control Ball Valves

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    …carbon blocks to remove any particulates that could clog the solenoid valve. Installing the valve before your RO/DI system can cause the solenoid valve to fail prematurely. RO/DI System with an Auto Shut Off Valve - The solenoid valve can be placed anywhere after your DI and before the water enters…

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    Why does BRS recommend this? Check valves are always a good idea to have, however when it comes to reliability you get what you pay for. There are other good check valves on the market but we feel that the Georg Fischer Wye check valve is by far the most superior. They have a removable plunger that…

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    …More professional look than white Schedule 40 PVC. This street/spigot barb connector is great for converting plumbing fittings like gate valves or check valves to work with flexible tubing, or when you want to use flexible tubing straight out of a bulkhead with a slip connection. Street/ Spigot…

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    …5 gallon bucket with a float valve installed in it will help save money from having water end up on the floor or best case scenario just going down the drain. Float valves are used to shut down your reverse osmosis system when the float is elevated. Float valves are typically installed on containers…

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    …for your plumbing needs. Use Schedule 80 Spigot x Female Thread (FPT) Reducing Bushing to reduce pipe size by inserting directly into a fitting or valve. More professional look than white Schedule 40 PVC. The golden rule of plumbing is that every job takes three trips to the store. While this can be…

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    …Stop Adapters (faucet adapter) directly connect an RO unit to the household water supply. It installs under the sink, inline after the shut-off valve. This clean, out of the way installation leaves faucets free for other use. Mur-lok EZ Angle Stop Adapter 1/4" 3/8" Male Thread x 3/8" Female Thread…

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    valves are used with float valves or pressurized tanks to shut off an RO system. It utilizes the back pressure created by the float valve or pressurized tank to shut off the water supply to the membrane. Without an automatic shut off valve waste water would continue to run out after the float valve

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    …solenoid valves uses the 24V accessory port found on 1Link modules and the EnergyBar 832. Solenoid Valve (SV-1) This 24VDC powered, normally-closed (NC), solenoid valve has push-fit tubing input and outputs designed for standard 1/4″ tubing. The electrical connection on this solenoid valve

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    …1/4" FNPT Connections Gauge port Quick disconnect for plastic tubing Mounting kit Series P60 is compact and lightweight with a high flow capacity. It is also suitable for deionized water applications. Maximum Working Pressure: 300psi (20.7 bar). What's Included? 1x Watts Pressure Reducing Valve

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    …idle in the membrane module for extended period is purged to the drain. The PFR requires its own transformer or can be powered by the pump transformer.The valve has a built in, self cleaning, flow restrictor which allows controlled flow to drain when the valve is in the de-activated (closed) state.

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    …RO/DI unit sold separately. Kit includes: 3.2 gallon pressurized tank RO tank valve Silver faucet Faucet adaptor Tee for between faucet and pressurized tank Ball valve for turning on and off DI water Check valve for insuring that water in the pressurized tank doesn't flush through the DI resin…

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    …inside of the collection cup. This makes cleaning out this traditionally cramped area much easier. These skimmers also include a drain hose with valve for easy emptying without having to remove the collection cup from the skimmer.We also appreciate the memory backup feature which allows the skimmer…

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    Diverter Valves are used to attach RO systems to most kitchen sink faucets. They allow RO units to remain connected to the sink. Simply turn the diverter valve lever to operate the RO unit and push back to use the sink faucet. This item is designed for use with our saltwater aquarium line of RO…

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    …power auto-off High frequency alarm Mesh pre-filter The Leak Block Sensor from HM Digital includes an electronic sensing pad and a latching solenoid valve that will close if the sensing pad ever comes in contact with water. They can be connected with either 3/8" Female NPT fittings or 1/2" Male BSP…

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