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Tropic Marin

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    Pharmaceutical Grade Salt for the Modern Aquaria! Designed to meet the strict requirements of reef aquariums, Tropic Marin Pro Reef Salt mix contains optimized levels of calcium and magnesium while keeping the correct pH value and a balance of all 70 trace elements required by corals to grow and…

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    Tropic Marin All-For-Reef is a revolutionary approach to dosing, combining calcium, alkalinity, and other trace elements into a single, easy to use solution. It's no longer necessary to maintain two, three, or four solutions, or a complicated reactor. All-For-Reef is a balanced source of calcium and…

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    …of the Tropic Marin Part C, dosage will be 2x your calcium and alkalinity dose. Pro-Coral K+ Contains: Barium Boron Chrome Cobalt Iron Copper Manganese Nickel Strontium Zinc Pro-Coral A-Contains: Bromine Fluorine Iodine Lithium Molybdenum Selenium Vanadium What's Included? 1 kg (2.2lbs) Tropic Marin

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    The Ideal Foundation Tropic Marin Classic Sea Salt Mix is perfect for aquariums that house even the most sensitive species. The natural balance of elements is made using pharmaceutical salts and free from artificialadditives, nitrates, and phosphates, allowing the salt to mix fast and crystal clear.…

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    …trace elements such as iodine, lithium, manganese, etc. that can be depleted rapidly in household aquariums as corals and invertebrates grow. Tropic Marin Pro-Coral A- and Pro-Coral K+ are formulated to replenish those elements in an easy to dose balanced, liquid additive. When trace element levels…

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    …trace elements such as iodine, lithium, manganese, etc. that can be depleted rapidly in household aquariums as corals and invertebrates grow. Tropic Marin Pro-Coral K+ and Pro-Coral A- are formulated to replenish those elements in an easy to dose balanced, liquid additive. When trace element levels…

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    …all major, minor, and trace elements in a single, convenient solution! With the introduction of their Carbo-Calcium and All-For-Reef products, Tropic Marin revolutionized dosing for reef aquariums. A one part complete dosing solution sounded like a myth, but through the use of specialized organic…

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    Contains Naturally Occurring Marine Biopolymers Tropic Marin Bio-Actif Salt mix has been professionally designed to be used in reef tanks that employ some type of carbon dosing to create an Ultra-Low Nutrient System (UNLS). The unique salt incorporatesbio-active marine agents that help protect and…

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    …42.84mL of Tropic Marin Part C Daily. What's Included? 1xBRS 7lb Bulk Pharma Calcium Chloride 1xBRS 7lb Bulk Pharma Soda Ash 1xBRS7lb Bulk Pharma Magnesium Chloride 1xBRS 7lb Bulk Pharma Magnesium Sulfate 1x Tropic Marin 1kg Part C 1x Tropic Marin 500ml Pro-Coral A- Trace 2 1x Tropic Marin 500ml…

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    …recommend a combination of Reef Snow with the plankton substitutes Tropic Marin Phyton and Zooton. Reef Snow is the combination of smaller particulatesthat are bonded by a biopolymer and can create larger strings and flakes. Tropic Marin Pro-Coral Reef Snow is designed to aid the naturally occurring…

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    …low-nutrient conditions in the aquarium. The termsynbioticrefers to supplements which combine probiotics and prebiotics in a form of synergism. Tropic MarinSyn-Biotic Sea Saltis ideal when you are setting up a new tank and every time you expand the tank’s stock. It has been proven that…

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    …over time and it can occasionally be a challenge to ensure equipment is always calibrated correctly. That's where the Tropic Marin Hydrometer comes in. The Tropic Marin High Precision Hydrometer provides an exact and reliable measurement of specific gravity, and it never needs to be re-calibrated,…

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    …50 Phosphate Tests 50 Nitrite/Nitrate Tests 50 Ammonium/Ammonia Tests Being able to make quick and precise water quality assessmentsis vital and Tropic Marin Compact Lab Essentials Test Kit includes the necessary test kits every professional reefer needs. Instructions: pH - Up to 100 Tests Shake the…

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    …organic compounds. The addition of plain magnesium salt, however, is not sufficient and interferes with the ionic balance of the tank water. Tropic Marin Bio-Magnesium creates a natural environment in the aquarium and delivers Magnesium and carbon dioxide in a natural, biologically available…

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    …7-9 dKH is achieved. Note: In larger systems, Carbo-Calcium Powder can be added directly to a high flow area of your tank without any pre-mixing. Maximum daily dose- 25 ml of Tropic Marin Carbo-Calcium per 100 liters. Tropic Marin Carbo-Calcium Powder Contains: (per 700g) 40,000 mg Calcium 5,600 dKH

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    …elements of Tropic Marin K+ Elements in the same concentration. Up to a dosage of 0.75 mL NP-Bacto-Balance per 25 gallons per day a further supplement with 1 ml/25g K+ Elements can have a positive effect on the coloration of the corals. We recommend additionally the Tropic Marin® A- Elements for…

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    …the desired amount of Tropic Marin Zootonic with the syringe. The air that gets into the hose and syringe while pulling the syringe, does not affect the dosage. The bottom edge of the plunger always displays the correct dosing amount even if the desired quantity of Tropic Marin Zootonic, due to the…

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    Necessary Three Part Kit to Start the Tropic Marin Balling Method Tropic Marin components add calcium, alkalinity, and sodium chloride free sea salt to maintain the crucial balance of elements in your aquarium's water. All three parts (A, B, & C) required by the balling method are included in…

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    Plankton Substitute for Bivalves, Sponges, and Soft Corals Tropic Marin Pro-Coral Phyton coral food is engineered to be a balanced all-around substitute for phytoplankton in reef tanks. Composed of a special blend of high-grade algaesthat are rich in high energy carbohydrates, your corals will have…

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    …Increase the daily dose by monitoring the alkalinity. Increase the dose by 2.5 ml per 100 liters until a constant alkalinity of 7-9 dKH is achieved. Maximum daily dose - 25 ml of Tropic Marin Carbo-Calcium per 100 liters. Tropic Marin Carbo-Calcium Contains: (per 1000 mL) 40,000 Calcium 5,600dKH

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    …pumps Does notcontain phosphates or other pollutants Tropic Marin Three-Part Balling System Original Balling ComponentPart A - Calcium Original Balling Component Part B - Alkalinity Original Balling Component Part C - Trace Elements Tropic Marin Balling Method Mixing Instructions: Dissolve the…

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    …100 l/26 US-gal. of aquarium system volume every day until the nutrient limitation in the corals has been rectified and the corals display a normal level of growth and coloration.Maximum dose: 1 ml per 100 l/26 US-gal. of aquarium system volume daily. What's Included? 200 mL Tropic Marin Plus-NP

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    …B12 Select Marine Ingredients Ideal for SPS Coral Corals require the proper food to obtain nutrients for energy and Tropic Marin Pro-Coral Zooton was engineered to fulfill those needs in a size appropriate for corals with small polyps and other filter feeders. Consisting of mainly select marine

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    …because of the demonstrated effects it has to help protect againstbacterial disease, but also help increase the attractiveness of foods to fish. Tropic Marin Lipo-Garlic includes a high-quality blend of oils, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and garlic in a balanced blend that can be used as a soak for…

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    …Lithoporella, Metamastophora, Sporolithon, and Mesophyllum Ingredients -Purified seawater, lab-cultured pink coralline algae spores, nitrifying marine bacteria (heterotrophic, chemolithotrophic and autotrophic), calcium carbonate, potassium carbonate ion buffer. What's Included? 1x 8oz Pink Fusion…

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    Don't let excess phosphate ruin your tank with nuisance algae and poor coral health. Elimi-Phos Rapid is a Lanthanum-based treatment for extremely rapid and highly-effective phosphate reduction. Particularly during new aquarium "break-in" and during rock curing and cycling, phosphate can often…

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    …Efficient reduction of nitrate and phosphate Increased skimmer efficiency Bacterial biomass acts as nutrient source for filter feeders Suitable for marine fish, soft corals, LPS, SPS, and other inverts Easy-to-dose liquid solution Two Sizes Available 50 mL 200 mL Dosage Recommendations Begin with a…

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    Overview: A blend of high-purity aragonite particulate grades to simulate the natural substrate particle profile of tropical reef lagoons. Multiple particulate grades encourage biochemical reactions (e.g. nitrification and denitrification) within the sediment to facilitate continuous release of…

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    …KH Director requires 3 pump heads to perform the test, leaving one head open for dosing or any other operation you wish. Many reefers will use Tropic Marin All-For-Reef as an all-in-one additive supplement, where others may choose to replace the 100mL sample water with fresh saltwater after every…

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    Tropic Marin Pro-Coral Cure. The treatment is done by a 10-15 minute bath. In addition to flatworms Tropic Marin Pro-Coral Curealso effective against parasitic sea spiders (Pantopoda) and microbial diseases. What's Included? 1x 200mL Tropic Marin Pro-Coral Cure 200mL Pro-Coral Cure - Tropic Marin

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    …concentration in freshwater aquariums below 50 mg/l (ppm). Lower limits for nitrate depend on the general conditions in the aquarium. With the Tropic Marin Nitrite/Nitrate-Test the nitrite and nitrate concentrations can be determined using a finely-tuned color chart which has a range of…

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