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    …water. Using Triton ICP testing lets you know what is right, what is excessive, what is missing, and how to fix it all. After sending in your Triton test you will receive a detailed analysis of what is in your reef, and how you should react. We highly recommend a minimum of 3 tests for your first…

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    …developed for the Triton Method of reefing. The Triton Method utilizes accurate ICP-OES testing to analyze what elements are in your tank and their concentrations along with specific filtration requirements like sumps and large refugium. With ICP-OES testing Triton has been able to monitor…

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    …even underdosed.N-DOC Testing from Triton addresses the missing component of nitrogen and carbon testing, accurately measuring the relevant organic compounds that fuel bacterial and algae blooms. When combined with phosphate testing, such as with the Triton ICP-OES test kit, you will gain a complete…

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    …Instructions:By using Triton ICP-OES testing you will be able to know which elements are low or high, and with the dose report that comes with the test results, you will know exactly how much Trace Base Calcium to add. Want to learn more about the Triton System? A Guide to the Triton Method- This…

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