Treating Ich

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    …its special formulation, Copper Power is one of the safest and yet most effective copper solutions for treatment of external parasites, such as ich and velvet. Copper Power contains a very stable form of copper medication with low levels of precipitation, and thanks to this it is able to be…

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    …carbon or Cuprisorb Available in SevenSizes 50 mL 100 mL 250 mL 500 mL 2 Liter 4 Liter 20 Liter Directions for Use Before treating, remove all invertebrates or, preferably, treat in a hospital tank. Invertebrates are intolerant of copper treatments and this medication should not be used in systems…

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    …perfect as a dip for new arrivals. New fish can often come from unknown conditions and may harbor parasites such as flukes, copepods, protazoa, and ich, as well as harmful bacteria. Hydroplex quickly penetrates ito the fish's surface tissues and removes active parasites, bacteria, and fungus that…

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    …tank or treat in a separate hospital tank. Do not use Coppersafe solution with fish species that have a known sensitivity to copper. Do not use in reef aquariums. Use 1 tsp/5 ml per 4 U.S. gallons (15 L), or 1 cup (8oz) per 190 U.S. gallons (337.5 L). Treats water for one month. Treat replacement…

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