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    …high in your sump, if your water level ever goes that high, an alarm will sound and your PMUP will stop operating. Optional leak detection probes. Insert one of our leak detection probes into port-3 on the FMM and then place it near your sump. Now, if for some reason your sump should ever overflow,…

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    …float sensors that activate within seconds when your water level drops and automatically refills your sump or tank until it reaches your desired set point. Each float sensor has been designed with an exterior guard preventing snails & hermit crabs from attaching to the sensors. Electronic…

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    …affixing the inlet tubing for more flexible installation. The kit also includes a Prefilter designed to remove contaminants from your water reservoir prior to topping off your main tank or sump. Its crystal-clear body allows users to check its cleanness quickly, and it can be quickly disassembled…

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    …infrared level sensors and with all internal components built into the sensor, there are no additional controllers to mount. Reef Breeders Prism is designed to work with aquariums of all sizes, from pico desktops and All-in-One aquariums with limited space to large reef tanks with full sumps.Its…

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