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    When dosing precise amounts of supplements or medications, the Seachem Digital Spoon Scale is the perfect measuring tool for the serious aquarist. The Spoon Scale is accurate and easy to use. While it is most common to measure by volume because most of us have volume-measuring tools on hand,…

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    …is sufficient for 5 liters (1.3 gallons) liquid solution, the 1400 g (3 lbs.) can for 10 liters (2.6 gallons) liquid solution. 6 level measuring spoons of Carbocalcium Powder are dissolved in 1 liter (0.26 gallons) reverse osmosis water to create the liquid mineral solution. Dosing Starting with a…

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    …A basic dosage of 1 level measuring spoon per 50 US Gal./190 l every two weeks is recommended. In an aquarium with a high population, the dosage can be as much as 1 level measuring spoon per 50 US Gal./190 l each week. When using the enclosed dosage spoon, level theBio-Strontium with the spatula…

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    …aquarium water. One level measuring spoon increases the magnesium level of 30 US-gallons / 110 l of tank water by about 10 ppm. The recommended maximum dose is 2 measuring spoons per 30 US-gallons / 110 l of aquarium water per day! Sprinkle one measuring spoon full of Tropic MarinBio-Magnesium onto…

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    …sprinkle one measuring spoon full of Tropic Marin Bio-Calcium onto the surface of the water, where it is being circulated by your pump. Take care not to allow a larger amount of undissolved Bio-Calcium to come into contact with invertebrates or corals. Each level measuring spoon will raise the…

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    …The culture medium will help with the overall reduction of nitrate and phosphates while allowing your corals to consume the bacterioplankton which is one of their main nutrient sources. One size available: 25 mL Dosing Instructions: 1 Spoonful per 100 liters (27 Gal) daily. Aquaforest Systems Guide

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    …mL RODI or distilled water. Room temp water is ok, but warm water will help dissolve the powder more quickly. Step 2: Slowly add 6 level measuring spoons (approximately 160g) of All-For-Reef Powder to the water, stirring constantly. Step 3: Keep stirring. It can take some time for the solution to be…

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