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Sodium Carbonate

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    …Cartridge Refills(approx 5600mL) 7.5 pound bulk media comes in a resealable mylar package BRS Carbon Dioxide Absorption Media is made of calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2), water, and a small amount of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) in a precise mixture that will efficientlyremove CO2 from the air in a…

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    …Marin Carbo-Calcium contains a balanced ratio of calcium and carbonate (alkalinity) in a single solution. Traditionally two or more solutions are required but Carbo-Calcium relies on biological processes to release calcium and carbonate from a single liquid without the worry of precipitation or…

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    …reef tank requires the use of magnesium too, so it is more like 3-part dosing, to be honest. Reefers will use calcium chloride and soda ash (sodium carbonate) to maintain their reef tanks chemistry daily and add a magnesium supplement every couple weeks. Magnesium supplements are usually a blend of…

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    …lb / 16 scoopsB - Sodium carbonate/sodium bicarbonate (part B): 378 g / 0.83 lb / 21 scoopsC - Sodium chloride free sea salt (part C): 120 g / 0.26 lb / 5 scoops Salt needed for 1 Gallon of solution:A - Calcium chloride dihydrate (part A): 288 g / 12 scoopsB - Sodium carbonate/sodium bicarbonate…

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    …Molecule Name Ionic Charge Removed By Sodium +1 Cation Resin Calcium +2 Cation Resin Magnesium +2 Cation Resin Aluminum +3 Cation Resin Ferric Iron +2 Cation Resin Ferrous Iron +3 Cation Resin Chloride -1 Anion Resin Bicarbonate -1 Anion Resin Carbonate -2 Anion Resin Sulfate -2 Anion Resin Nitrate…

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