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    AquaMaxx Shark Pump Impellers feature a proprietary needle-wheel design for optimal bubble size and efficient skimming. If youre looking to replace the impeller on your AquaMaxx skimmer pump, be sure to reference the chart below to select the correct model for your needs. Part Reference Guide…

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    …to the pump head, so there is no need for the pumps` power supplies or controllers 0-10V Control - Many pumps offer 0-10V controllability. The Hydrow WaveEngine supplies four independent 0-10V outputs to control these pumps One App to Rule Them All! The Hydros App from CoralVue replaces manual…

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    …return pump or skimmer? Bring them to the party because the HYDROS WaveEngine will control them too! Clutter Reduction The clutter of power bricks, cables and controllers is becoming an increasing problem for reef keepers. The four pump driver outputs on the HYDROS WaveEngine replace the pump

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