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    …does BRS recommend this? Selcon is a vitamin and fatty acid booster for marine fish that has proven its value in this hobby. A little Selcon will go a long way by soaking any type of food in it for a few minutes prior to feeding, increasing any foods nutritional value. Selcon is a vitamin supplement…

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    …your inhabitants have specific needs, Masstick can be blended with many different types of mollusk, fish eggs, mysis, rotifers, and additives like Selcon. Once your paste is created, you can then stick it to your glass, rocks, or target feed corals with it. Placing small chunks around the tank will…

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    …aquariums. Thomas' Fish Food Bundle Includes: BRS Freeze Dried Mysis Shrimp - 2oz Reef Nutrition TDO-C2 Chroma Boost - 3oz BRS Freeze Dried Calanus - 2oz Two Little Fishies Green Sea Veggies Seaweed Sheets - 30g Two Little Fishies VeggieMag Sea Veggies Clip American Marine Selcon Concentrate - 60mL

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    …nutritional characteristics of the shrimp. With any dry food, it is common to soak the pieces in additive powders or solutions like paracoccus, selcon, and other nutritional additives. Great source of protein High levels of fatty acids and HUFA Easy to use and feed Quickly digested One Size…

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