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    …out. We think that's pretty neat! The feeding portal will work with any of the common screen top aquarium covers and installs in minutes. Pick a convenient spot to feed from, such as a corner of the screen, in install the portal. Once in place, you just cut the netting material from the portal…

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    …Linear flow In most cases when choosing a powerhead, you will look into a bulky and intrusive propeller style powerhead that leaves dead spots in corners and makes you limited in coral placement due to the sheer force of the flow they need to produce. The Gyre pumps use crossflow technology to help…

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    …Gadget Screen Top Suspension Clips, which work very well with rimless tanks making suspending the top super easy. Rimless Kits: Rimless kits come with full-length frame sections to span the total length of the tank to create a single screen top. Only 4 corners are needed to complete a rimless screen

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    Replacement screen corners for Innovative Marine screen net tops only.Innovative Marine Screen Net Tops will last a lifetime, but if you have a special project in mind, or simply just need replacements these are a direct fit. These will work with all Innovative Marine net tops. 4x per package…

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    …the frame, start by rolling the spline into one corner and across the longest span of the frame top. Work out from the corner you started in keeping the screen tight as you go. Excessspline at the ends can be trimmed with a sharp razor blade or knife. What's Included? 25-foot Roll of Screen Spline

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