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    Why does BRS recommend this? Phosphates are going to be one of the biggest battles we have with a reef aquarium. The BRS GFO works great in filter socks and reactors. For the price Standard Granular GFO is going to be one of the best values when it comes to GFO for phosphate removal. Granular Ferric…

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    …Use nutrient free RO/DI water for water changes and top off water Shorten your lighting period or intensity. In some cases aquarists have found replacing old bulbs that have fallen out of their intended spectrum helps as well. Continuously remove as much algae as possible by hand. Add predators -…

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    …on the packaging and read results. We suggest replacing the carbon blocks if you get any reading above zero. Readings overzero are an indication that the carbon blocks ability to treat for all types of contaminants has been depleted. Absolutely replace carbon blocks once the reading surpasses 0.5ppm

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