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    …cement-based glue perfect for connecting large rock structures while aquascaping. Take full creative control of your aquarium aquascape -- bond live rock or ceramic rock, inside or outside of the aquarium, with this non-toxic compound that is reef-safe and easy-to-use. Hard Bonding Reef Safe

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    Compatible with the Maxspect Coral Glue Gun Attaches to the Coral Glue Gun in seconds, and even includes two new precision, no clog applicator tips. With a quick dry time, the extra thick super glue is 100% reef safe and is perfect for frags, rocks, or plugs. Contains 50 grams (1.9oz) of Extra Thick…

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    …mounting corals easier and allows for a pool of glue to be made without it weeping down the sides of the dome. Aquadome's are handmade in the USA from aragonite reef sand and can vary in overall shape and color. Ready for use Stable base 100% reef safe Pre-cured Perfect for encrusting corals Made in…

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    …tip.Oceans Wonders Reef Glue Gel features a unique pin cap that eliminates clogs keeping the applicator spout clear for clean application. 4x as thick as previous Oceans Wonders Reef Glue Gel Triple distilled super strong Cyanoacrylate reef glue Marine Grade 100% reef safe Clean, clear finish…

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    …Coral Frag Plugs are 100% reef safe and are fired at nearly 2000 degrees making them completely inert. Ceramic frag plugs do not need to be cured and can be used right away. These plugs have a slightly textured surface on the crown making adhesives like super glue and epoxy stick very well with…

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    …super glue, epoxy, or mortar. All Natural Made in USA 100% pure, powdered MarcoRocks Makes your rock structure joints invisible Perfect color match to MarcoRocks Dry Rock Use with super glue to form strong joints Cover any joint while wet for a perfect blend Use with your favorite super glue, epoxy,…

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