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    Having the ability to adjust the height that your skimmer sits in the water can change how the skimmer pulls air and water into its reaction chamber. Most skimmer will have a sweet spot, that on your particular tank will run best. By having an adjustable skimmer stand you can fine tune the height of…

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    …calcium and alkalinity in your reef tank with CR140 Calcium Reactor from Reef Octopus. Rated for aquariums up to 200 gallons Reverse flow and CO2 recirculating design Aquatrance 2000 Pump Bubble counter pH probe holder included (probe sold separately) A calcium reactor is used to maintain a balanced…

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    The BioChurn 90INT Biopellet Reactor by Reef Octopus has a unique cascading design to allow for greater surface area to help bacteria colonize plus a patent pending churn plate to gently fluidize media. Rated for aquariums up to 100 gallons Cyclone churning motion for media suspension Equipped with…

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