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    If you need to modify your Red Sea Aquarium Screen Top Kit to fit around a protein skimmer or another large piece of equipment the Universal Cut Out Kit is the perfect solution. The kit includes two external and internal corner adapters, and two pieces of cut out profile that can be trimmed to your…

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    Mitras delivers healthy growth and vibrant colors. The GHL Mitras stands apart in a sea of modern lighting options through an uncompromising commitment to craftsmanship that shows through its performance and durability. Your choice in reef tank lights is one of the most important equipment choices…

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    The ReefLED 160s Universal Mounting Arm is perfect for aquariums that need a tank mounted bracket to support their light. Red Sea's Mounting Arm attaches securely to the back wall of your aquarium and can quickly be lifted to an upright position for easy access to the top of your aquarium for…

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    …in the aquarium. When starting a 2 part dosing system it is important to use a good test kit to establish a baseline. We really like using the Red Sea Reef Foundation test kit or Hanna Colorimeters for their accuracy and repeatability which leads to a much more stable reef and overallcoralhealth.…

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