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Psk 1000

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    Eshopps Premier Line of Protein Skimmers! The S-200 is the perfect space-saving protein skimmer for any reef tank that needs an efficientand high-performance skimmer. Eshopps Intelligent Design (EID) features 5 specific advancements in protein skimmer technology that help make keeping your reef…

    $373.98 Regular Price: $439.98

    …a turn of a valve, and is also super easy to connect to an external waste collector. Moving down, every Red Sea Reefer Skimmer includes a Sicce PSK pump for enhanced performance and reliability that pushes a balanced amount of air and water through the hydrodynamicallyefficient bubble diffuser…

    $314.10 Regular Price: $349.00

    Eshopps mid-level line of Axium skimmers keeps upping the bar on simplicity and performance. The internal pump design allows for a smaller footprint and using powerful Sicce pumps means there is no loss of performance. The skimmer body of the new 4th generation has been completely redesigned with a…

    $382.48 Regular Price: $449.98

    …you know youre holding something of lasting quality and performance. Akula skimmers were built to be compact and quiet, utilizing an internal Sicce PSK skimmer pump, but they cut no corners and every component is well thought out and precisely machined from premium materials. The unique threaded…

    $688.91 Regular Price: $765.45
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