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    …water conditions. The bacteria found in Pro Bio S has been carefully selected to transform phosphate, nitrate, and other organic compounds that will turn into biomass and then can be consumed by corals, or skimmed out of the tank. Another benefit of Pro Bio S is that you will notice less sediments…

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    Pro Bio F is designedfor the proliferation of bacterioplankton as part ofthe Probiotic System.Its main purpose will be to help stimulate the growth of bacterioplankton. The culture medium will help with the overall reduction of nitrate and phosphates while allowing your corals to consume the…

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    SubstratPro biological filtration spheres developed in the Eheim laboratory with high quality materials. Provides surface area for the colonization of bacteria to help purify your reef tank Reduces the peak nitrite loads better

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    …be placed almost anywhere in the sump with their space-saving footprint. They are able to save enormous amounts of space by placing the Quiet One Pro pump directly under the reactor body that not only saves space, allows for efficient energy-saving flow. Great for tanks up to 250 gallons. Biopellet,…

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