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    The IQ-40 Air Dryer from Ozotech is a dual bed air drier that delivers dry air 24 hours per day. Its dual bed design allows one drier bed to regenerate while the other drier bed is in service. The powder coated enclosure protects the electronics while the timed electronics ensure dry air 24/7. It…

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    The IQ-20 Air Dryer from Ozotech is a single bed, air dryer that delivers dry air by day and regenerates its drier bed at night. It operates with 115 VAC or 230 VAC and will deliver 20 cubic feet per hour of dry air. Can be mounted on wall Lightweight and corrosion resistant Single chamber heat…

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    …only takes a few minutes and the CD Cell Cleaning Kit includes everything you will need for the cleaning process. Compatible with the following Ozotech Ozone Generators: EOG 100 EOG 200 EOG 400 Poseidon 100 Poseidon 200 Poseidon 400 PR220 PRO PCS PRO Cell Cleaning Instructions: Ensure the power is…

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