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    The perfect 1-gallon jug for mixing and storing 2-part or any other liquid solutions. There are many different methods for extracting the liquid out of the jugs from manual pump-top dispensers to drilling a hole in the cap and feeding your tubings through the hole down to the bottom of the…

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    …Each jug can hold just shy of 1 gallon, and takes up only 2 inches in width.  These jugs take up much less space than the standard Mr. Chili mixing jugs.    Dimensions: 9-1/4"L x 2-1/2"W x 14 3/4"H   What's Included? 1x Thin 4-Liter…

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    …took in our eyes. It's perfect for adding dry materials to mixing jugs when making batches of saltwater aquarium additives. Fits perfectly in our Mr. Chili Mixing Jug. With a 100 mm diameter at the top and a 25 mm opening at the bottom dry chemicals flow through the funnel without clogging or making…

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    Cap fits Mr. Chilis Mixing Jug 1 Gallon.

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    …doing water changes or gallivanting about your next coral convention! BRS T-shirts just got the Mr. Chili treatment with a sleek, understated new silhouette logo. This might be Mr. Chili's best work yet, and it's already a favorite of the hardcore reefers in the office. In addition to the large…

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    Salt Measuring Made Easy! Made of durable BPA-Free plastic with a rubberized rubble handle, Mr. Chili's Salt Measuring Cup is perfect for any dry or liquid measurement. With graduations every 1/4 cup but also 50mL, ensuring you have the correct amount of media or salt is super simple. Holding…

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    The Mr. Chili Beach Towel features a big, bold, larger-than-life banner of Mr. Chili with the logo. Whether you need to dry off after scuba diving in your reef tank or coming back from a day at the beach, this towel is ready to do the job. * Size 58" x 28" * 100%…

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    …insulated main compartment holds 6+ 12-ounce frag bags/cans * Easy clean, leak-proof lining * Collapses for storage   Color: Royal Blue Dimensions: 8.5"L x 7"W x 10.5"H  What's Included? 1x Mr. Chili Insulated Frag Transport Bag

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    …wanted to feel like Mr. Chili was giving your head a hug, then dont miss out on this limited Mr. Chili Sport Tek Beanie. You look after your reef tank day after day; now Mr. Chili can look after your noggin when the weather gets...cold.   Features Mr. Chili embroidered on the…

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