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Media Bag

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    …draw-string nylon media bag supplied with Red Seas Reef Spec Carbon is now available on its own and is a great option for holding all types of loose media, such as gfo, granular activated carbon, and scavenging resins. Features Ideal mesh size for all aquarium filter media Bag size 5x 10/ 12.5cm…

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    …Filter or Media Bags work great for many applications but will not be nearly as efficient as its counter part. When using a media bag it is best to place them in an area of direct flow like a sump baffle or overflow chamber directing water to pass over and through the carbon. With media bags it is…

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    …are secretly hidden in the filtration compartment keeping the display portion looking clean and elegant. Along with the Reef-Spec Nano skimmer, media towers, extra space for additional filters and provisions to add a chiller too. RS Nano skimmers have a 3:1 water to air ratio creating the perfect…

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    …other media in the Red Sea Filter Media Cup. Pack the Red Sea Filter Media Cup with filter floss, ceramic media, carbon, gfo, or any other media you want. The slots at the bottom half of the cup force water to flow down through your media before it can freely exit. With the included media bag, you…

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