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    …strength and durability. Large work surface is 9" X 10.75" and corrosion resistant. Suitable for use as a fragging saw to cut stony corals and live rock. Band saw machines are optimized for cutting shapes and curves, so when you need to carefully cut between polyps or remove small pieces without…

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    …the use of a Tunze Wavebox. Reefs in the ocean have oscillating currents which help whisk away nutrients from your tank, including between rocks, behind rocks and even the corners. With the use of the 7092 controller finding the correct frequency is very easy and only takes a few minutes to install…

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    magnet holder for glass up to 0.6” Tunze pumps are excellent high flow powerheads for a number of reasons They are the smallest pumps available and easy to hide. They rotate to a wide range of angles for targeted flow. They consume less power. Available accessories such as the Tunze Rock and…

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