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    …essential for a healthy reef aquarium. In order to maintain ionic balace, Reef Mineral Salt should be dosed alongside Calcium, KH Buffer, and Magnesium. Two Sizes Available: 800 g 5000 g (5 kg) Reef Mineral Salt can be used with: SPS corals LPS Corals Soft Corals Clams Instructions: To make a…

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    …all the salts have fully dissolved before use. BRS Magnesium Mix Solution -Fill a 1-gallon container 1/2 full of RO/DI or distilled water and then add 5 1/4 cups (933 grams) of BRS Magnesium Chloride and 2 cups (332 grams) of BRS Magnesium Sulfate into the container. Secure the cap on the container…

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    …solution can be just as good or better than liquid additives. Aquaforest Calcium Dry can be mixed with Magnesium Dry to create a solution that when dosed will maintain proper calcium and magnesium levels with a single dosing pump. Calcium Dry can be used with: SPS corals LPS Corals Soft Corals Clams…

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    …and they've been providing top-quality reef additives for decades.With the addition of KZ's KH Plus and Calcium Plus Concentrates, as well as Magnesium Complex, fans of the ZEOvit System now have a complete solution for maintaining nutrients as well as major, minor and trace elements. Dosing…

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    Clean your aquarium glass while keeping your arms dry! The Mag-Float is the ultimate floating magnetic aquarium cleaner made using powerful rare earth neodymium magnets. By dragging the Mag-Float along the outside of your tank, the inner Mag-Float magnet follows, effortlessly scraping off any algae…

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    MultiTest Nitrite/Nitrate measures nitrite to less than 0.1 mg/L and nitrate to less than 0.2 mg/L. Nitrite is toxic and should be undetectable in any well established aquarium. During cycling, it may exceed 20 mg/L. On the other hand, nitrate is relatively non-toxic, but it is best to keep it to…

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    Tests for Nitrogen, Dissolved Organic Carbon, & Extended Alkalinity Triton N-DOC Test Kit provides a tool to monitor and control the balance of key nutrients that influence bacteria and algae growth and keep your corals alive. Using Nitrogen, Carbon, and Phosphorus* (N/C/P) to manage your input…

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    Expel-P is a levamisole HCL-based medication that is effective in safely and effectively deworming ornamental fish. Expel-P also acts as an immunostimulant agent. Expel-P is very safe and is effective against many internal parasites, especially nematodes, when used as directed. It wont harm the…

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