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    …the corals skeletal structure which makes it difficult for the coral to grow by laying down additional calcium and carbonate (alkalinity) ions. Maintaining ultra low phosphate levels will increase the growth of any SPS or LPS coral. Algae outbreaks are one of the most common reasons for a complete…

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    …for sustainable, accelerated growth and enhanced vitality of all corals. Coral Pro salt mix is ideal for reef aquariums, in particular for LPS and SPS corals and growing out coral frags. Main parameters at a salinity of 33.0 ppt are: KH - 11.8-12.2 °dKH, Ca - 430 - 450 mg/l, Mg 1280 - 1340 mg/l.

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    …growth of many SPS and LPS, even sensitive types such as Fiji and Tonga corals. Injured corals recover faster. Tridacnas show more defined colors clearly. Gonipora and Alveopora can be kept more easily. Improved coloration of all corals. Fiji and Tonga Montipora grow faster and maintain their…

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    …where the Tisbe pods are great at cleaning out the nooks and crannies within your rock as juveniles and then will become free-swimming as they grow into adults. Commonly overlooked as an essential part of any clean-up-crew, copepods have some of the smallest mouths allowing them to consume bacteria,…

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