Hose Barb Reducer

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    …Ready Plug into any existing LOOP network for additional modes, including FEED Mode (reduces flow to 30% for 10 minutes) and LOCK/UNLOCK settings. eFlux Pump Spec Comparison Model Flow Rate Power Max head pressure Barb fittings Pump Dimensions Dimensions w/ strainer eFlux 6008 40 - 520 gph (151-1968…

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    …Height: 22" Chamber Capacity: 0.66 Gallons (2.5L) ~10.5 Cups x 2 Using GFO: up to 1000 Gallons Using Activated Carbon: up to 600 Gallons Inlet/Outlet: 3/4" or 1/2" Hose barb Accessories & Replacement Parts AquaMaxx Fluidized Media Reactors are available in four sizes: XS, Standard, XL and XXL.

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    …pH of the resulting kalkwasser solution and CO2 reducing properties help to maintain a more desirable and stable pH of 8.3 inside your tank.The use of the IceCap Kalk Mixer will ensure maximum concentration with each dose to your aquarium and reduce the need for frequent manual addition and mixing…

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